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04.05.2022 / Special projects / Manuel Silbermayr

Safely secured solar power plant

Austria’s first solar-electric operations building

PV modules as far as the eye can see! With its new solar-electric company building, my-PV in Neuzeug, Austria, has implemented a showcase project. For this, the company has installed PV modules not just across the entire roof, but also on building facade.


INNOTECH supported the project implementation by developing suitable fall protection solutions, and thus ensuring safety even during the installation stage.



More is more

This principle applies especially to the installation of PV systems. This is why my-PV used its entire building surface and attached a total of 304 PV modules, some on the roof, but also distributed in all points of the compass along the building facade. One PV module provides 335 watts, and thus supplies a large amount of renewable energy.



Fall protection even at the planning stage

In terms of planning, the installation of the PV modules on the facade differed greatly from the usual case. Normally it is the architect who defines the distances between windows, in order to position the PV modules. However, in the case of the solar-electric company building the modules had to be fixed even before the draft planning, in order that the building’s “grid dimensions” matched the modules.


By early planning of the fall protection solution in the form of the AIO lifeline system, it was possible to install the PV equipment safely. The cable system consisted of resilient 8 mm stainless steel cable, the end lock, the end lock fastening, the curve elements, and the intermediate bracket.


Combined with anchorage points from DOMICO, it ensured the users’ safety even during the process of installing the PV system. But in addition, future servicing, maintenance, and repair tasks can be performed safely, thanks to the installation of the cable system. 



All’s well that ends well

Finally, all that effort has been more than worthwhile, and it looks good too! The self-generated solar energy is used particularly for hot water and for direct heating of my-PV’s company building.


Should you have any questions about fall protection for PV systems, or if you require a fall protection solution, then the experts from INNOTECH will be happy to assist.


Photo copyright: my-PV GmbH



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Manuel Silbermayr

Manuel Silbermayr

For more than 10 years now, Manuel Silbermayr has worked at INNOTECH as the Key Account Manager for the Upper Austria area. However, he has been professionally involved with fall protection systems since 1997. The sale of practical solutions is one of his core skills, and he is firmly convinced that in sales you are recognised and accepted as a true “specialist” only when you really know how the products work in practical use.

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According to various statistics, several hundred people have an accident on roofs every year. Accidents that could have been prevented with appropriate safety equipment and the diligent installation of high-quality fall protection systems.

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