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Best of 2021

Let’s take a look together at the year’s highlights.

But how time flies…. 2021 is coming to an end. That’s why we’re having a few moments to take stock of the year. Together we take a look at the best moments and provide a sneak foretaste of the coming year.


The past months have been characterised by changes and innovations. This year, one of the things we celebrated was our company’s 20th anniversary, in the course of which the Reiter family placed the future of the Innotech Group into the hands of their son Christoph. Sustainability, digitisation, and internationalisation are pillars upon which he intends to build even more.



Product highlights of 2021

This year, a lot was done in terms of product development and innovations. On the one hand, we merged our EAP/AIO range. A consequence of this harmonisation was that, thanks to the universal eyebolt, the products involved can also be used as single anchor points . On the other hand, the following product innovations were implemented right across the board:


  • SAND-01, the corrosion-resistant universal point
    A product which can be used universally on a large number of trapezoidal sheeting and sandwich panel roofs, thanks to the varying hole separations.
  • TAURUS-GLEIT-HO-50 and TAURUS-GLEIT-HO-51, the detachable rail sliders
    The sliders developed for the horizontal TAURUS rail safety system can be used and also removed everywhere in the system.
  • PSA-STRING, the quality harnesses which ensure being caught safely
    The new safety harnesses equip you optimally for very varied situations and areas of application. In combination with the matching components, the high-quality harnesses ensure optimum comfort during use.
  • BARRIER-VARIO-SYSTEM, the guardrail system held by superimposed load
    This system for securing edges on flat roofs, and classified as collective protection, was optimised and given a post separation of 2.5 m.


The icing on the cake

We are particularly proud of our innovations. Our improved product finder has been online for a good two months. Thanks to the newly available visualisation of the potential areas of application, you can see at a glance where fall protection is required, and how it could look. In addition to this, an overview of our eight principal systems is presented beneath the graphic representation.


Apart from the product innovations, INNO|fair took place this year for the first time, on 1 and 2 September. On these two days, all participants were able to immerse themselves in the Innotech world and become familiar with the anti-fall safety systems.



What the future is bringing

INNO|fair was a complete success! For this reason, it is being repeated on 23 June 2022, so be sure to enter the date prominently in your calendar. Because it is in a state of continuous development, the product finder will receive a number of upgrades in the coming year. Several product innovations are also planned, but we don’t want to say too much about these yet.


In the next year we will be driving digitisation further forward. A document management system for the digital storage of received and sent invoices is planned for March 2022. In addition, our goal is to achieve paperless manufacture. Last but not least, in the coming year a photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the company building in Kirchham, so as take a large step forward in terms of sustainability.


Environmental considerations also play an ever-increasing role in our range of services, and so for this purpose we will also increasingly be converting to solar/photovoltaic energy.


Naturally, in 2022 we will continue to keep you informed about our innovations.


In this spirit, everyone in the INNOTECH team wishes you a happy Christmas and a great start to the New Year!



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Founded in 2001, INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz is a family-owned company with headquarters in Kirchham and branch offices in Germany and Switzerland. With a dedicated research and development team, INNOTECH soon set international standards in the area of occupational safety. Ever since, it has driven forward the further development of innovative products. Today INNOTECH is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe which has specialised exclusively in the production of safety systems, with 88% from its own manufacture, in order to guarantee maximum quality.

According to various statistics, several hundred people have an accident on roofs every year. Accidents that could have been prevented with appropriate safety equipment and the diligent installation of high-quality fall protection systems.

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