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09.06.2022 / Selina Bauchinger

Why should you, as PV installers, also offer the fall protection system?

The 7 most frequent questions

Installing one’s own PV system exploits a surface which has been completely unused previously. Clients and PV customers thus turn over a new leaf for their home or company, and this must also of course include the aspect of safety.


For this, comprehensive advice and support by the installers and solar technicians is even more important, in order not only that the future solar power plant operators are provided with an efficient PV system, but also that they have the necessary safety.


For this reason, INNOTECH has decided to bundle its many decades of expertise in fall protection systems with the comprehensive know-how of a manufacturer of PV substructures.


Below we answer a number of questions very frequently addressed to us by installers and solar technicians relating to the appropriate fall protection for the PV systems on their roofs:



Question 1: Why should I integrate the fall protection system directly into the PV substructure?

A fall protection system for PV systems on a roof is legally mandated. However, it is of decisive importance here that the safety solution does not impair the efficiency of the solar power plant. The fall protection system can be attached directly to the onsite PV substructure. In this way, the respective fall protection casts no shadows on the panels.


Roof penetrations are also completely avoided when this installation variant is used. In terms of exploitation of the roof surface, the attachment of the fall protection system directly to the photovoltaic system also has the great advantage that it takes up no additional space on the roof, which in any case is often in short supply. In addition, the fall protection itself does not become an obstacle to possible tasks on the roof.


And: This combined structure optimally secures all danger zones and access routes, and so it can also be used for all other tasks on the roof, such as when the air-conditioning system or the satellite dish require repairs, or other activities arise.


However, this requires that the safety solution has been tested and is certified at all times, in order to ensure the required load-bearing capacity when an emergency arises.



Question 2: What’s wrong with roof penetration regarding the installation of the fall protection system?

Anchorage devices which do not use the PV system require roof penetration in order to ensure the corresponding load-bearing capacity. However, this usually requires considerable effort and expense.


In addition, these roof openings usually leak in the medium or long term, and so water and moisture enter the interior of the building.


A safety solution for PV systems which does not require roof penetration, i.e. is installed directly on the PV substructure, is a benefit for all parties: The clients receive a complete solution from a single provider, and without opening the roof.



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Question 3: What fall protection systems are actually available?

There is a broad range of fall protection systems, also for photovoltaic systems. There are solutions which can be attached directly to, or adjacent to, the PV substructure.


For example, cable and rail systems, as well as single anchor points, are suitable for protecting PV systems. On a pitched roof, safety roof hooks can also be used to protect against falls. If the roof is flat, the deployment of guardrail protection is an option.


The fall protection system suitable for the specific PV system also depends on the roof, amongst other things. For this, see also our blog posts “Solutions for flat and pitched roofs”.



Question 4: As an installer, what are the benefits of me collaborating with INNOTECH?

The benefits clearly speak for themselves. First and foremost, you have the opportunity of offering your customers a unique all-in-one package which provides an absolutely efficient solar system having the maximum possible safety.


This gives you a significant advantage in expertise compared with your competitors, and PV customers certainly appreciate this. And remember that in terms of service you will also score highly with your end-customers.



The benefits at a glance:


  • The advantage in expertise creates a positive image for you as an installer. This in turn can provide you with a huge boost in terms of future orders.
  • All servicing and cleaning tasks which occur regularly can be performed quickly and safely at any time. 
  • INNOTECH creates a seamless, professional safety concept for the PV system on a flat or pitched roof, and this fulfils all legal requirements and standards.

    You thus always obtain the best possible fall protection system for the respective application case. This gives installers and solar technicians complete planning certainty – and the customer gets a good feeling too!
  • A wide and versatile range of different fall protection systems for PV systems on flat and pitched roofs is available to you, and special solutions are no problem either.
  • If requested, areas located outside the PV system can also be protected using the systems from INNOTECH. From the access point, to all access routes, to roof hatches and windows, we create a comprehensive safety concept.



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Question 5: In terms of cost, is that still attractive for my customers?

Definitely. And for several reasons. But to begin with, we would point out that a professional fall protection system is in any case a legal requirement for PV systems on a roof.


Standard fall protection systems generally involve a lot of expense because they require roof penetration; this too costs money, and may have a negative effect on the roof’s leak tightness. In addition, regular mandatory servicing tasks, and in some cases the spontaneous cleaning of the solar cells, are possible at any time, and in complete safety!


The system then always runs at maximum efficiency.


This means: The purchase costs may be somewhat higher, but in the medium and long term, an integrated fall protection system is significantly more economical variant from the very start, because for one thing the roof cladding is undamaged and, for another, the solar power plant can provide its maximum output at all times.



Question 6: Where do I gain the knowledge to install the fall protection system appropriately and effectively?

Very simply… with INNO|school from INNOTECH. In the course of our expert training we provide installers and solar technicians with the skills to plan and install a professional fall protection system for their PV systems.


Within two days, not only do the participants become familiar with all INNOTECH products and their installation and use, but they also thereby gain detailed insights into all relevant aspects, such as the legal situation, standards, and questions of liability.


INNOTECH training is provided in Austria and Switzerland. There is also the option of bringing the training onsite to you by means of INNO|training. (there will be more on this subject in our future blog post about training). 



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Question 7: Do you have further questions? No problem!

Download our factsheet now about fall protection systems for PV systems on roofs! Or else simply contact us! Our professionals are happy to be at your disposal to answer all your questions relating to the safety of PV systems on roofs.




Bundling the know-how of INNOTECH and PV substructure manufacturers mean that installers and solar technicians become absolute full-service providers for PV systems.


In this way, you provide your customers with an efficient solar power plant, and on the roof you also provide it with the best possible fall protection. This integrated system, tested and certified in combination, provides absolute legal security to everyone involved, and also saves lives. 


Don't miss out on our free factsheet. 


And also: You will find further useful information in our INNO|talk video on this subject. It's well worth a look.



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Selina Bauchinger

Selina Bauchinger

Following her apprenticeship as a design engineer, Selina Bauchinger spent one year abroad gaining professional experience before she returned to Austria and joined INNOTECH in 2018. Until the end of 2021 Ms Bauchinger was involved in project planing for solar power and photovoltaic customers of the family company from Upper Austria. Since the start of 2022 she has strengthened the INNOTECH product management team.

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Founded in 2001, INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz is a family-owned company with headquarters in Kirchham and branch offices in Germany and Switzerland. With a dedicated research and development team, INNOTECH soon set international standards in the area of occupational safety. Ever since, it has driven forward the further development of innovative products. Today INNOTECH is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe which has specialised exclusively in the production of safety systems, with 88% from its own manufacture, in order to guarantee maximum quality.

According to various statistics, several hundred people have an accident on roofs every year. Accidents that could have been prevented with appropriate safety equipment and the diligent installation of high-quality fall protection systems.

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