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The allrounder of horizontal lifeline systems.


A lifeline system is a fall prevention system, consisting of a flexible stainless steel cable that is tensioned between two points.

Horizontal lifeline systems are intended to harness people with personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to carry out work on roofs and facades. 


Through the use of lifeline systems, thorough and traversable fall prevention is ensured. They have end connections including clamping elements (end locks) and intermediate cable brackets. Furthermore corners (corner pass-through elements) with different angles can be formed. Horizontal lifeline systems are tested and certified according to EN 795.

INNOTECH is a professional in planning complex solutions. Every component and therefore every system can be adapted to different roof and facade structures. This creates highly developed products whose specifications are defined by our in-house development team, and which enable the use of these individual lifeline systems on very different substructures.