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Fall protection system with integrated lightning protection (BIA)

Lightning-protected fall protection system with permanent status monitoring

The BIA-SET-01 and the BIA-SET-02 convert the AIO LIFELINE SYSTEM PASSABLE into a lightning-protected fall protection system: using this accessory, the system can safely deflect lightning strikes. The BIA-SET-01 consists of four lightning detectors, two of which are mounted close to the lifeline system’s end lock. These are used for assessing the lightning strikes on the lifeline system. The initial assessment of the first two lightning detectors is included in the purchase price. The other two lightning detectors serve as replacements during the assessment.


BIA can be fitted to an existing or a newly installed AIO LIFELINE SYSTEM PASSABLE. When fitted with the lightning detectors and a grounding connection, the system complies with the lightning protection standard EN62305-3. BIA-SET-02 is an accessory item which makes it possible to mount lightning protection rods on STA, SYST, or FALZ posts. The installation of these rods directly onto the fall protection system means reduced weight loading of the roof by concrete pedestals, no additional costs, and no obstruction of walkways.


All benefits at a glance:

  • Cost and space savings because additional deflector rods on the roof are unnecessary
  • Protection from the illusion of safety, thanks to the assessment of lightning strikes
  • Annual lightning-strike assessment is simple to perform by returning the two detectors in the pre-paid envelope provided



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