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lifeline system


All-in-one lifeline system for industrial use

The IND LIFELINE SYSTEM was specially developed for use in industry, and it can be used wherever a straight horizontal run up to an inclination of 10 % has to be protected. It can be attached temporarily or permanently to various steel constructions. To be able to cover the greater separation distances required for industrial applications, it is equipped with a particularly robust cable. High cable preload and the compression of the intermediate bracket make reduced cable deflection possible, and therefore provide ideal protection for tasks at height in industry.

  • Broad range of applications focussed on industrial use, because it can be used attached either temporarily or permanently.
  • Robust system, thanks to a cable diameter of 10 mm for increased cable pre- tension and minimum cable sag.
  • Financially attractive thanks to max. separation distances of 7,5 m (temporary) or 15/30 m (permanent).
  • Low cable deflection in the event of a fall, thanks to high cable pre-tension.
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IND-LIFELINE-SYSTEM - Technical data

The system s principle component is our enormously stable 10 mm stainless steel cable.
The cable, together with the various individual components, such as passable intermediate brackets and curve elements, the end lock with integrated shock force absorption, and the slider matched to the system, combine to create an integrated, harmonised system.
The lifeline system can be attached to various steel constructions.


Reduction of installation effort
Depending on the overall system length, the separation of the fastenings can be up to 30 m. From a financial point of view, the wide fastening distances have a positive effect on the overall installation process.

Simple checking of readiness for use
The easily visible cable fastening allows a precise assessment of the cable clamping, and thus a simple inspection of the lifeline system s readiness for use (end lock with viewing window).

Consistent cable tension
Despite a cable length of 30 m, the 10 mm cable and the adjustable constant cable pre-tensioner located at the end of the lifeline system ensure consistent cable tension in the event of fluctuating temperatures. This means that there is almost no cable sag

State of the art certification:

EN 795 TYP B / TYP C

CEN/TS 16415


Technical data sheet

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Items in this system

1 components available for IND-LIFELINE-SYSTEM



Rating plate TYP-20 for Industry lifeline system

The IND system from INNOTECH is a unique solution for industry. The maximum separation distance of 15 m in fixed systems is attractive.


End lock set ENDS-10 for Industry lifeline syste

End lock set.


Stainless steel cable SEIL-40 for lifeline syste

Stainless steel cable tested for INNOTECH lifeline systems.


End lock fastening IND-EB-10 for lifeline system

End lock fastening.


End lock fastening IND-EB-20 for lifeline system

End lock fastening.


End lock fastening IND-EB-30 for lifeline system

End lock fastening.


End lock fastening EB-40 for lifeline systems

End lock fastening.


Intermediate bracket SZH-10 for lifeline system

Intermediate bracket.

Accessory items


Slider GLEIT-10 for Industry lifeline systems

The IND slider from INNOTECH® is characterised by a resistance-free passage along the stainless steel cable. It is used as a mobile anchorage point for 1 person.