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2021: 3507-PF



Enclosure of danger areas

BARRIER LIMIT is used wherever a visually recognisable barrier must be provided for a danger area. The system is particularly suitable for drawing attention to danger sources in locations at height. The barrier is quick to install and is ready for use in a few moments. BARRIER LIMIT, held by superimposed load, can be deployed flexibly, regardless of the area of use. The use of special tools can be avoided completely.

Easy and rapid installation, thanks to the uncomplicated assembly without special tools.

Low superimposed load, thanks to the wide post separation of 7,5 m.

Simple creation of gangways, thanks to the practical chain holder.

Visual recognisability of the danger source, thanks to the coloured link chain.

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BARRIER-LIMIT - Technical data

The barrier, made of aluminium and plastic, impresses above all because of its conspicuousness. The red/white chain

makes a danger area in locations at height visually recognisable at a glance.


Low superimposed load

Thanks to the post separation of 7.5 m, only a low load is superimposed on the

location at height.


Creation of gangways

Thanks to the practical chain-holder, there is also a gangway option.


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                                          Rating plate LIMIT-TYP-10

                                          The uncomplicated LIMIT solution from INNOTECH provides perfect

                                          protection from potential danger sources to people

                                          who move at height for their work.


                                          Barrier chain, LIMIT-KE-RW-50

                                          Barrier chain.


                                          Barrier chain, LIMIT-KE-RW-25

                                          Barrier chain.


                                          Top cap, LIMIT-KA-20

                                          Top cap for post.


                                          Lower cap, LIMIT-KA-10

                                          Lower cap for post.


                                          Post LIMIT-S-1180



                                          Weight LIMIT-GW-10