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2787: 767-PF

Personal Protective Equipment PPE


Personal protective equipment for workers at height

The PSA-STRING-AIR-VEST is used wherever activities have to be performed in a fall-risk area, and it is not practical to provide protection by means of a safety harness. This is especially the case when comparatively modest fall heights (1 to 3 metres) exist, and it is impossible or difficult to position anchor points. Examples of this include loading and unloading points from vehicles, installation tasks at fall heights between 1 and 3 metres, tasks on scaffolding, etc. The low- weight item detects the fall by means of sensors, and automatically triggers the airbag in milliseconds. Thanks to the airbag, the back, ribcage, and adjacent organs are protected from severe injuries. The vest is worn on top of or underneath normal everyday clothing, and can also be worn underneath the safety harness. This reduces the risk of injury in the event of a pendulum fall. The technology employed is widely used in the motorcycling and ski racing sports, and it has been appropriately further developed for the requirements of industrial safety.

Optimum protection of the vital organs in the chest area, thanks to automatic accident detection and the rapid reaction of the airbag within 40 milliseconds.

Absolute reliability thanks to many years of research into D-AIR Lab technology, which enable controlled, uniform inflation of the vest.

High user-friendliness thanks to the low intrinsic weight and volume in its unactivated state.

Versatile in use thanks to the option to wear the protective vest in combination with everyday clothing and underneath the safety harness.

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PSA-STRING-AIR-VEST - Technical data

The PSA-STRING-AIR-VEST, developed in Italy, consists of high-performance materials which are sewn together into a

vest in an intelligent design. The protective vest contains two gas generators triggered by a sensor. This sensor detects

an abrupt change in position, and triggers the inflation of the vest. For this, a change in position of at least 1.2 m is

necessary. Falls from this height therefore trigger the airbag mechanism. The vest has magnetic closures, width

adjustments at the side, and it can be supplied in various sizes. It includes a lithium ion battery which ensures that the

protective vest can be used for 18 hours and then recharged via a USB-C connection. The watertight IP54 connection

links the vest to the integrated gas generators. An LED display provides information about the vest’s status and

operational capability.


Intelligent activation mechanism

The sensory system built into the protective vest detects exactly when a fall occurs,

and activates the inflation of the PSA-STRING-AIR-VEST in milliseconds.


Comfort and convenience through design and technology

By means of FEM-analysis software, the design was optimised in such a way that

the vest extends optimally in the event of a fall, and it can be worn comfortably

during normal use.


Extended period of use in any weather

Once fully charged, the vest is ready to be worn for up to 18 hours on top of or

underneath the everyday clothing.

State of the art certification:

IP54 certification

CE label 2016/425

Individual certification as per specification, in collaboration with Dolomiti Cert and

the University of Padua

Protects body areas CB and DC a per EN 1621-2:2014


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