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The aspects to focus on when planning a fall protection system for the PV system on your roof

Here are the most important points

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Aside from being well aligned with the trend of the times, installing a photovoltaic system on your own roof is a smart investment in the future. Even more so given the current situation where energy prices for power and gas have sky-rocketed and continue to surge.


The goal to harvest as much power as possible from your own solar power plant therefore hinges on the ability to maximise the utilisation of the roof surface, while securing the trouble-free operation of the solar power plant for the long term.


This requires a comprehensive plan which factors in all details and also includes a professional system that protects against falls from a height.



Technical aspects to consider while planning solar installations

The planning of the fall protection system requires the consideration of a few technical aspects. Chief among these is the question of whether the roof is a pitched or a flat roof. This is significant because - in many cases - the type of roof also determines the substructure of the photovoltaic system.


These prerequisites are, of course, also pivotal for the decision on the best-fitting safety system. The post detailed below is supposed to guide you through this complex subject matter and provide you with information and tips that will help you plan the fall protection system that fits the PV system on your roof best.



The key aspects for the planning of your PV system

You might consider the following points as a type of foundation for the start of your project “The PV system on my own roof”. They will teach you about the parameters that are instrumental to the decision for the right solar power plant and the matching fall protection system.


You need to answer the following questions if you want to plan your fall protection system professionally:


  • What is the location of the building project?
  • What type of roof structure is it?
  • Are there any existing safety systems on the roof? If so, which ones?
  • How large is the roof surface?
  • What type of access options are there? Are these options secured?
  • What type of obstacles / challenges are found on your roof?
    Examples would be: Parapet, chimney, skylights, air conditioners, and satellite dishes



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You cannot proceed with the planning until all of this data has been collected. Usually, a solar technician or solar engineer will only devise a concept for the photovoltaic systems on your roof and not for a fall protection system that matches it.


If you wish to plan that system professionally as well, you need to know if it can be attached directly to the substructure of the PV installation or not. This is why our experts also require the exact specifications of the photovoltaic system itself.


This is the only way to establish any interruptions in the progression of the modules and the bearing capacity of the fall protection system overall.



How do I come by this information?

If you require assistance in this matter, the experienced experts of our in-house and planning service staff will be at your disposal. This ensures that you will receive a dependable fall protection system that is tailored to the specific requirements of the solar installation you have planned for your roof.


Better yet, you can also view our efficient tool for planning a fall protection system, INNO|plan, at any time. This tool is very useful as well. We must advise you against resorting to an improvised solution as the legal regulations stipulate very specific requirements on securing places of work.


Once fitted with solar panels, your roof is turned into a place of work as well as it will require continuous cleaning and maintenance.


However, a professional fall protection system is not only advisable on the grounds of preventing any liability in an emergency. Ultimately, a fall protection system also ensures that the solar power plant on your roof will always produce the maximum output.


The comprehensive planning of a professional fall protection system to complement your PV system is key when it comes to preventing any shadow casting which may dramatically reduce the efficiency of solar systems.



What do we need for completing the planning?

Not much! The information you have established with the help of the check list given above is all we need to prepare a professional and comprehensive safety concept for solar installations on your roof.


This also comprises the best-fitting fall protection system - no matter if composed of a rail or lifeline system. The greater the detail of the information the better and more expedient the planning by our experts – which is a decisive asset when you are struggling with time constraints.



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About the general procedure

You start off by contacting one of our experts to schedule an appointment. You are welcome to make the arrangement by phone or email. This will set off an exceedingly fast process ...


  • Review of the documents in the back office
  • Project is created in the in-house CRM system
  • Planning of fall protection system and safety concept
  • Preparation of a quote (material including custom material, if requested)


Once you have accepted the quote, we will process your order in house and draw up your individual installation plan. Our warehouse will make all preparations necessary for shipping, ensuring that your order including delivery note will generally be dispatched to the desired address after 3 - 5 business days.


Once received at your location, the INNOTECH material will be installed on your PV system by a certified person or the solar technician of your choice. Following the completion of its installation, the system is subjected to an inspection by the installer, which will automatically be documented end to end using the Web app INNO|doc.


Our tool will also regularly remind you to conduct the mandatory annual inspection of the fall protection system installed for your PV system.


With all these steps completed, nothing will stand in the way of your own solar power production!




You should always trust experts to complete the planning of the fall protection system for your PV system. With our planning service you can rest assured that your safety concept will be in perfect compliance with all applicable legal regulations and that your photovoltaic system will always deliver maximum output.


To complete the planning, we require:


  • Your request for a consultation
  • All information about your roof and the planned photovoltaic system including substructure
  • If necessary, an inspection of the conditions on site
  • Your order


That is all we need to mount the fall protection system that will complement the PV system on your roof and that will allow you to enjoy sustainable solar electricity!


It is best to contact our expert right away and arrange a consultation appointment for your fall protection for PV systems on the roof. 



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