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The right fall protection creates more space for the PV system

Here is an example from practice

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Many years ago ADREX Photovoltaikanlagen GmbH started as a specialist and full service provider for photovoltaic and power storage solutions.


They therefore have enormous expertise in the planning and installation of PV systems of all sizes. And from the very outset, one of the top priorities of the German company has been customer satisfaction.


For this reason, ADREX relies on its proven one-stop-shop principle, in order to largely relieve its customers of all tasks related to their own roof-mounted solar power plants. This obviously also includes the selection and installation of a professional fall protection system for the PV installation.


Here too, ADREX relies exclusively on partners, who can provide highest quality and optimum functional capability. Once again ADREX had an order in the northern Black Forest.


A home and its associated garage were being extended and converted there. In the course of this, the owners wanted also to install a PV system on the roof surfaces of the two buildings, with an overall area of 275 m², so that they could generate their own solar power in future.


For this purpose, ADREX installed a total of 56 PV modules on the roof, with an output of 21 kwP. For the fall protection system, the company’s experts decided on a solution from INNOTECH: the AIO lifeline system in combination with single anchor points



The challenges of this project

Particularly for flat roofs, as in our example, the challenge in professionally securing the PV system consists of providing safe access to the generally very narrow areas on the perimeter close to the roof edge and also around skylights, in order that all necessary tasks and inspections can be performed at any time.


In the northern Black Forest as well it was therefore necessary to create as much space as possible for solar panels, without ignoring the safety aspect, because every PV system operator naturally wants to generate as much of their own solar power as possible! 


In addition, in order to prevent leak points or potential negative long-term effects from occurring later, it was very important to the customers that the roof cladding would not be damaged through the installation of the safety system. 



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The solution from INNOTECH – the AIO lifeline system

The experts from ADREX therefore selected the INNOTECH AIO lifeline system, which can be installed directly on the PV substructure, and which therefore saves huge amounts of space. In addition, it is designed in such a way that there is no shadowing, which could reduce the output of the solar panels. 


For the project in the northern Black Forest a total of 25 m stainless steel cable and 4 single anchor points were mounted, in order to professionally secure the PV system on the flat roof.


In addition, EAPs (single anchor points) were installed in order to provide additional protection for exposed areas, and to provide protected movement over the whole of the flat roof.


“As well as the top quality of the fall protection systems, we also decided to collaborate with INNOTECH because of the very good support and planning”, reports Jan Kaupp, project manager at ADREX.


The planning and design of the fall protection system for the customer was implemented directly by INNOTECH. Onsite the experts from the safety system specialist instructed the ADREX team in the correct installation of the AIO lifeline system, and were also available to support during the installation itself. 



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The INNO|doc web app was used for the appropriate and effective documentation of the protection system’s installation. This tool allows complex projects from various customers to be processed almost at the press of a button – from preparing tenders, to planning, to implementation and documentation.


In addition, the app also provides reminders for all legally required inspections.



Creating a good image safely

However, not only is ADREX with the implementation of this project. Among other things, the solar manufacturer also reports a further gain in the positive image of the company since fall protection systems from INNOTECH are also offered.


“Our customers have reacted very positively to this”, according to Jan Kaupp, because previously professional fall protection was not included in the plan, and for reasons of safety a smaller PV system was selected in order not to approach the danger zone of the roof edge.


In the end, the solar-installation builder’s full service offering in fact gained the company increased turnover and profit.


Also, the fact that the PV system and the fall protection are installed together has a number of advantages from the point of view of ADREX. Thus, for example, the scaffolding does not have to be installed a second time for subsequent tasks, such as the installation of the fall protection or other maintenance tasks – this would represent an enormous additional effort.



What are the benefits of a fall protection system for the PV installation on the roof?

  • Legal security: Operators of PV systems are legally obliged to make the “roof” workplace as safe as it can possibly be, and to protect installers, as well as cleaning and servicing staff, from falling.  
  • More solar power: A professional, certified fall protection system means that cleaning and servicing tasks can be performed at any time, and so the solar power plant always delivers optimum performance.
  • The roof cladding is not breached: Fall protection systems such as the AIO lifeline system in this example are installed directly onto the substructure of the PV installation; they therefore require no additional space and do not damage the roof cladding. 



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