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Safe, practical, aesthetic

A window fall protection system should also ensure that the working day is not disturbed.

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Even though window fall protection systems are in the first place designed for the safety of the cleaning and repair employees, there are also other aspects beyond this, which may be very significant from the employer’s viewpoint.


First and foremost it is naturally essential that all safety-relevant details comply with the legal standards, and that the fall protection system is accordingly certified to the latest state of the art.


Next, the amount of space required by the system can also matter – and not just in its assembled and installed state, but also when it has to be stowed awaiting its next deployment.


Finally, it is essential that installing the fall protection system does not impede the operational activities of other employees, because working time would then be lost.


Below you will find a comparison of two fall protection systems which are very popular, and are therefore frequently deployed: The door traverse with safety solution for the window, and the Modular Fall Prevention System for Windows (MFS) from INNOTECH.



The door traverse as a window fall protection system

Both systems are used in order to protect window cleaners from a fall. As the name indeed indicates, the door traverse is clamped in a door frame close to the window to be cleaned.


However, this means that the retention device sometimes runs right across the room, which can massively disrupt the office working day.


It should also be noted that this fall protection system can be fastened only to load-bearing walls. If all preconditions are fulfilled, then this system can be used to secure up to two persons simultaneously, using personal protective equipment (PPE).



 6 facts about professional window fall protection systems



The Modular Fall Prevention System for Windows by INNOTECH

In contrast, the MFS Modular Fall Prevention System for Windows by INNOTECH is inserted directly into the respective window frame by means of retractable telescopic rods.


Because of its slender and modular structure, this system gives the users the greatest possible freedom of movement at the same time as maximum safety.


MFS is classified as collective protection, and for this reason the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is not necessary. The blog post “Special cases require special safety solutions” tells you about the specific circumstances in which MFS is suitable, and how the two fastening options differ.


After use, the system is removed just as simply and quickly from the window frame as it was installed.


Because of the clamped fastening, the fall protection system leaves no trace whatsoever behind, nor any of the visual irritations caused by modules or anchor points which are permanently installed.


Such is the case with another common fall protection system, window bars. In contrast, MFS from INNOTECH ensures optimum safety, and the architects’ concepts of building aesthetics are retained in their entirety.





The benefits of MFS

  • No impairment of the office working day:
    When MFS is used, safety is created directly at the window. This has the benefit that it is unnecessary to deploy a safety connection right across the room.

    The working activities of the other occupants therefore remain undisturbed. In addition, the Modular Fall Prevention System for Windows is very flexible and can be used for all current window frames.

    MFS is simple to handle, and installation takes a few simple steps, so the user is immediately protected for activities at an open window. Once the system is no longer in use, it can be removed quickly, and takes up very little space when dismantled. 
  • High-quality materials:
    MFS consists solely of high-quality materials (aluminium), has a very low intrinsic weight, and is state of the art. In addition, this fall protection system does not disrupt the basic architectural concept in any way, because no components or modules have to be permanently attached to the building (clamped fastening is used).

    Once MFS is installed, an unimpeded view from inside to the outside is even possible, and this is sure to please the other occupants, because they can now and again still maintain contact with the outside world, at least visually.
  • No training required: In contrast to the use of SINGLE ANCHOR POINTS in combination with personal protective equipment (PPE), no training whatsoever is prescribed for MFS. Nevertheless, we still recommend a training session for the MFS safety system.




It’s obvious! Safety always has priority! But all the same, an unsuitable window fall protection system can sometimes seriously disturb the office working day.


MFS from INNOTECH provides a positive solution for this problem. And: After use, the system is simply removed from the window frame and, through the use of clamped fastening, it leaves no visible trace whatsoever to detract from the building’s aesthetics.


Contact us immediately for further information! Our experts will be delighted to assist you in selecting the optimum window fall protection system for your operation.


Here’s the link to our factsheet. You’ll find all relevant facts there about window fall protection, summarised compactly.



 6 facts about professional window fall protection systems