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The professional way to install a fall protection system for your PV system on the roof

The installation is essential to the safety of the fall protection system

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The detailed planning of the fall protection system for your PV system on the roof is followed by what is probably the most tantalising moment of the endeavour to make your solar power plant as safe and efficient as possible: the installation; the project is finally taking concrete shape.


To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road, the key aspect to keep in mind during this process is to entrust only trained and certified personnel with the task of mounting the fall protection system either directly on the roof or directly on the substructure of the PV system. After all, the system will have to save lives in a worst-case scenario. 


Depending on customer requirements, the selected fall protection system will be delivered to the customer or directly to the construction site.


Another option is, of course, to pick up the fall protection system along with the fastening material from INNOTECH yourself. We also provide a variety of information material, which should be studied carefully prior to installation.


In addition to exceedingly detailed product instructions, this material also comprises 


 that can be used as a sound guide for the correct installation. 


What is more, everything has been packaged and labelled in a way that is very simple and easy to understand, allowing the installer or solar technician to determine exactly where the different elements need to go.


And, unlike with other providers – e.g. in the furniture industry – you will never encounter that last random screw that may or may not be left over. Part of the reason is that our product descriptions will always tell you specifically which tool will be required for the respective step of the installation. This is yet another essential advantage - especially in a project of this magnitude.



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Depending on customer requirements, the delivery can be made precisely to a specific location, i.e. to exactly the place where it is needed.


If you, for instance, operate with an on-site crane to hoist the products onto the roof, we will drop off the products close to this crane in order to avoid often laborious trips back and forth between locations.  


Better still, INNOTECH can also arrange for a professional installation partner - even world-wide - if you yourself have been trained and certified to install the corresponding fall protection system. This may help you soothe both your pocketbook and your nerves.


This is because our network is composed exclusively of certified professionals who possess extensive know-how about our products and know exactly what they are doing. 



Useful installation kits from INNOTECH 

Another service offered by INNOTECH are the installation cases for your safety systems. They are available in two different versions: 





Both are tool boxes that have been fitted out especially for this purpose and with exactly the tools needed to complete the installation of the fall protection system. The main benefit is that these compact cases hold everything the installer or customer will need.


This way, they will not have to go to the hardware store and can save themselves the trouble of finding and purchasing the tools separately. After all, that procedure would not only cost a great deal of time but, in most cases, an additional amount of money. 


And: There are cases when you come to the shocking realisation on the construction site that you have purchased the wrong tools.





How long does the installation take?

The time needed for the installation hinges on a variety of factors. First and foremost, on the product itself, i.e. the fall protection system for your PV installation. The system may be composed of a lifeline or rail system or simply of single anchor points (EAPs).


Naturally, the roof surface you wish to secure / the size of the PV system and the pitch of the roof play key roles as well. Last, but not least, the skills and expertise of the installer or solar technician can speed up the installation process as well.


Aside from ensuring that every step of the installation goes off without a hitch, they also take care to tighten everything firmly and properly and to observe all edge and post spacings as well as the specifications laid down during the planning stage.


These are factors that are of great relevance to the final inspection of the fall protection system, which subjects the entire system to a thorough examination before it is given approval. 


While it is not easy to provide specific details on the installation duration, you can use the following information as guidelines and convert / extrapolate it to the size of the project you have planned. 


  • The installation of a lifeline system with a running length of approx. 35 metres takes roughly 13 hours. 
  • You can expect about 19 hours for the installation of a rail system with a length of 35 metres.



Acceptance and documentation of the installation

In the course of final acceptance, the entire system, i.e. the PV system along with the substructure of the fall protection system, will be put through its paces. This is necessary as a measure to guarantee that the entire structure will stand up to the forces generated in an emergency and, thus, prevent falls.


This is why the inspection subjects every bolt to close examination and also verifies, if necessary, that it is tightened to the correct torque. This is when, at the latest, proper and professional installation will pay off as it will clear the way for the system's final approval.



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In the course of the documentation, every fastening point of the fall protection system will be photographed and - ideally - uploaded to the digital documentation tool INNO|doc. While you can, of course, also use other types of acceptance logs, you might want to consider the obvious advantage of a fully automated tool:




 tool makes documenting the fall protection system considerably easier and faster. It allows installers and solar technicians to record all of their customers in a compact and neatly arranged way with just one tool and manage all of their projects with the press of a button.


An automatic reminder helps them remember to conduct the annual inspection of each fall protection system. Better yet, INNO|doc is suitable for all mobile devices.




A properly and professionally performed installation of the fall protection system for your PV system is paramount to ensuring safety during cleaning and maintenance work on your roof. That is the reason why this essential work step should be entrusted to properly trained and certified staff only.


Our company boasts a tight and extensive network of professional installation partners all over Austria, who will install your fall protection system correctly from beginning to end and thus help you save time and soothe your nerves.


Other useful aids are our installation cases and our digital documentation tool INNO|doc as they, respectively, make the installation and documentation of your protection system an absolute breeze.



contact us

 if you have further questions! Our experts at INNOTECH will be happy to lend their assistance during the installation of the fall protection for the PV system fitted on your roof. 


We also invite you to download our new handbook to learn more.



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