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28.04.2022 / Curdin Erne

Advantages of integrated fall protection for photovoltaic mounting companies

Full-service provider for a safe PV installation

Photovoltaic systems on roofs are booming. But the roof - regardless whether flat or pitched - is specifically one of the particular danger areas with an increased risk of falling. And not only does the PV equipment have to be installed, it also needs regular cleaning and servicing.


For this, a professional fall protection system is essential. In addition to being legally compliant, it must also be appropriately certified and tested. Only then is it truly safe!


Installers and solar technicians are therefore well advised to discuss the topic of photovoltaic fall protection during their customer appointments. For this reason, we offer installers and solar technicians close collaboration, from which all participants benefit greatly.


PV fall protection systems can be mounted directly on the substructure of the PV system. With little effort, a fundamental contribution to the prevention of falls with sometimes serious injuries can be created.


All future installation and servicing tasks can then be performed efficiently and absolutely safely, without great logistics effort. Furthermore, cleaning and service staff also have a positive feeling when they know that they can access the PV installation in safety.


And, especially for PV installations, regular cleaning and servicing tasks are essential for optimisation of the system’s output.



PV systems mounting company as a full service provider

Obviously, as an installer or solar technician, at the first sales meeting you can just do the usual, and simply present your potential customer with a colourful catalogue showing all the latest photovoltaic models and systems, thus showing off your specialised expertise in its best light.


But just imagine that you could present a professional and comprehensive overall concept during this crucial meeting, and that this also included an legally compliant fall protection system which had been tested and certified as an integral system in every way.


This immediately indicates to your prospect that everything here comes from a one stop shop. For the potential customer, this also means that he or she has no need to carry out additional research into any other relevant aspects of the PV system, and therefore that a significant amount of time and trouble can be saved.


Therefore, as an installer or solar technician, you are perceived to be acting with responsibility.


Furthermore, the potential customer thereby automatically fulfils all legal requirements and can therefore always feel secure when someone has to perform work on his or her roof. 


However, this requires fall protection systems which are at the latest state of the art and thus optimally fulfil all safety standards. With our diversity of products, we cover almost every individual case safely and in the best possible way. 


As a solar technician or installer of PV systems, you can concentrate entirely on your specialist area and advise and service all customers optimally in this regard. In addition, the safe installation of the PV system itself is also ensured.



5 Fakten um Ihre Photovoltaik Anlage Sicher zu machen



The benefits of collaboration at a glance

  • Planning certainty: when professionals plan, safety and energy efficiency are combined.
  • Appropriate, individualised overall concept: optimum safety for your PV system in each individual case.
  • Products always at the state of the art: Top quality and latest technology for increased safety.
  • Standards and legal know-how: all systems are thoroughly tested - in combination with the substructure of the PV system.
  • Diversity of products and systems: the right solution for every substructure, every roof form and PV system.
  • Complete product control: from Goods Inwards to manufacturing, our entire product control takes place in-house. This means that special solutions and customer-specific adaptations can be implemented quickly.
  • Seamless support: For every question or problem which arises.
  • Short delivery times: protecting humans and the environment.
  • Professional training(see below): extensive training sessions with certification.
  • Digital documentation/INNO|doc(see below): Documentation of the installation and of servicing and cleaning tasks, at the press of a button.



Practical cooperation

Analysis and definition of fall protection systems

Active collaboration during the practical implementation. When our field representatives inspect the property together with the installers and/or solar technicians, they make a detailed analysis of the circumstances at the location, in order then to define the appropriate fall protection system for the planned or existing PV system.


A service contract is then concluded, so that safety when working on the PV system is also ensured in the long term.


Digital documentation with INNO|doc

By using INNO|doc, the web-based digital tool, all tasks performed on the roof and/or the PV system can be documented electronically, and therefore you, as an installer or solar technician, and your customer always maintain an overview.


The system sends an automatic reminder to ensure that the annual inspection is always performed punctually. INNO|doc is suitable for all mobile devices.


Professional training sessions

INNOTECH provide professional training sessions in the use of our fall protection systems. Especially in this area, comprehensive and detailed training measures with corresponding certification of the participants are of the greatest importance, so that the safety solutions are used correctly. This is the only way to prevent serious injuries in an emergency.



5 Fakten um Ihre Photovoltaik Anlage Sicher zu machen



Improvised fall protection versus permanent solutions

Even if it superficially seems simpler to rely on improvised installation of single anchor points for the PV system, on closer examination the disadvantages of this approach are evident. Temporary systems have to be installed afresh each time before cleaning and service personnel are allowed to access the roof.


In practice these important tasks are therefore often postponed, and do not take place regularly. This reduces the efficiency of the PV system and can in the end create costs.


A solid permanent fall protection system is significantly more convenient to use, because all modules of the fall protection system are permanently installed, and can therefore simply be used whenever required, i.e. they are always available and perfectly safe.


The PV system can therefore be maintained at any time, which in turn means that it can provide significantly more energy. Permanent safety systems therefore have a significant cost benefit after even a relatively short time, compared with any temporary solution. And of course they are significantly safer.




PV systems are wonderful – not just in terms of sustainability and climate targets, but also for energy independence. In the medium term they also help to reduce ongoing energy costs. However, as well as being safely installed, a PV system also needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned, in order to keep the output as high as possible.


These tasks require a professional fall protection system. The cooperation with INNOTECH turns installers and solar technicians into a one stop shop for end customers. They benefit because everything is supplied by a single provider – from the overall PV system concept, including the associated safety system, to training and servicing.


If you too would like to enjoy the benefits of collaboration with INNOTECH, simply contact us. We look forward to arranging an initial, non-binding, personal meeting.


You want to make your PV system safe and efficient? Then don't miss our 5 facts about professional fall protection!



5 Fakten um Ihre Photovoltaik Anlage Sicher zu machen

Über den Autor

Curdin Erne

Curdin Erne

Curdin Erne, who started his professional career in timber construction, joined INNOTECH in 2017 in sales, focussed on eastern Switzerland. In 2021 he took over the management of the sales team and in 2022 even the overall management of the INNOTECH branch in Switzerland together with Ive Appel. Not only does he support all retailers there, but also key accounts, potential sales partners, and private customers. His focus lies in special solutions related to the TAURUS rail system.

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