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No more asking for pocket money!

Our apprentices introduce themselves

“What shall I do now?” Almost everyone has come round to asking themselves this question after completing their compulsory schooling. Should you decide to continue your education or would you be better taking up an apprenticeship?


According to WKO(Austrian Economic Chambers), in 2021 there were a total of 107,593 apprenticeships in Austria, of which alone 22,445 were in Upper Austria. From trade and industry to business, or information & consulting – the wide range often makes it difficult to reach a decision.


That’s why we have identified 3 reasons in favour of an apprenticeship, with us or in general. In addition, we asked our three apprentices Julia, Rebecca, and Gabriel to say a few words in the video below.


Vanessa, who successfully completed her apprenticeship as a process engineer in 2019, also makes an appearance. All four provide a glance behind the scenes, and briefly explain what YOU can expect from an apprenticeship at INNOTECH.



3 good reasons for an apprenticeship

Don’t make your life any harder than it already is! These three reasons speak in favour of an apprenticeship (at INNOTECH):


  • Reason 1: “It’s all about the money”
    No more asking for pocket money! As an apprentice you earn your own money from your very first day. So when you’re 14 or 15 you can, for example, finance your hobbies and enjoy some independence.
  • Reason 2: “The sooner, the better”
    In an apprenticeship, you gain practical experience from the very start, and you become a specialist in your selected area. Once your apprenticeship is concluded, numerous doors open to you, thanks to the know-how obtained through practical experience.

    In addition, there is then also the option to undertake further professional education, including so-called dual systems. These, for example, allow work-based study or completion of a master craftsman course. It’s a real win-win situation.
  • Reason 3: “Be and work different”
    If you consciously decide in favour of an apprenticeship, then you approach your work with vigour and ambition. At least at in our company, there are usually many different activities which provide the necessary variety during the working day.

    And so, every day at INNOTECH, you play your part in the company’s success. Many exciting and above all brand-new digital tools await you, including the redbooth project management tool, or Salesforce, a platform for customer relationship management.

    In addition, we recently set up a new appointment and room booking program, and we have set ourselves the goal of introducing paperless manufacturing, as well as a paperless office. Generally speaking, all signs point towards digitalisation.



Our apprentices introduce themselves

To give you a better idea of everything that you can expect during an apprenticeship, let’s take a look together behind the scenes.


In the video below, Julia, Rebecca, Gabriel, and Vanessa briefly introduce themselves and tell you how a “typical” working day looks at INNOTECH, and about the activities that await you in the various apprenticeship positions (office administrator, IT technician, and process engineer).





If you want to find out more about our range of apprenticeships , then we’ll be pleased to provide further information!

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INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz GmbH is in 2001 opgericht als familiebedrijf met hoofdvestiging in Kirchham, ca. 60 km ten zuiden van Linz, Oostenrijk. De onderneming heeft zich van begin af aan gericht op internationale normen op het gebied van industriële veiligheid en heeft zich ten doel gesteld, de doorontwikkeling van innovatieve producten voor verschillende markten door te zetten. INNOTECH is als een van de grootste fabrikanten in Europa, gespecialiseerd in de productie van verankeringsvoorzieningen.

Op het gebied van industriële veiligheid wordt INNOTECH gezien als medegrondlegger van de planningsdocumentatie bij ÖNORM en is medeoprichter van de internationale werkgroep D.A.CH.S. Deze werkgroep bestaat uit specialisten uit Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland en Zuid-Tirol die zich ten doel hebben gesteld om voor meerdere landen vergelijkbare voorschriften voor industriële veiligheid op te stellen.

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