10.10.2022 | New products


The new detachable slider.

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Great application versatility, more flexibility, free-running movement.

Two have become one. The brand-new AIO-GLEIT-22 for the  AIO LIFELINE SYSTEM PASSABLE-OVERHEAD will in future combine the advantages and functions of the two overhead rolling sliders which already exist. The  AIO-GLEIT-11  and  AIO-GLEIT-12  system sliders will be steadily replaced by the product innovation. As a link between the lifeline system and personal protective equipment, on the one hand the AIO-GLEIT-22 allows convenient movement along the safety system, and on the other hand it provides optimum comfort while performing overhead activities.


All benefits at a glance:

  • Great application versatility, because the slider makes it possible to move along curves as well as straight runs in the lifeline system
  • Increased flexibility thanks to the slider’s practical characteristics, which make it possible to both attach and detach at any location on the lifeline system
  • Free-running movement along the system thanks to the optimised roller geometry
  • Slider is easy to transport thanks to delivery in a practical carrying bag


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