Protection of the danger areas on and in a hydro-electric plant with Innotech

Overview of danger areas in hydro-electric plants

In Europe, anchor points and anchorage devices on buildings are standardised against EN 795.

EN 795: Fall protection to the European standard

Success Story Fall Protection illwerke Vandans

Success Story Fall Protection Hydro-electric Plant illwerke Vandans

Safety in a hydro-electric plant with INNOTECH fall protection systems

Safety on a hydro-electric plant - what does that have to do with fall protection?

Brewery in Switzerland relies on TAURUS

Locher brewery in Appenzell - how the photovoltaic system on the roof was protected against falls from a height

Info sheet: SOPV-NOVO

Info sheet: SOPV-K2

Info sheet: SOPV-AERO

DIBt approval is a quality certification for the German market.

DIBt approval for fall protection systems

The big overview - safety at wind power plants

Safety on wind turbines - the big picture

Two construction workers discuss the BauV.

BauV – The Construction Workers Protection Regulation in Austria

Lighting protection regulations for fall protection systems save lives.

Protecting fall protection systems against lightning

Best Of INNO|talk Part II - experiences and feedback

Best Of INNO|talk Part II: Experiences, feedback and cooperation for improved safety on wind turbines

Safety first - Innotech & wind power plants

Best Of INNO|talk Part I: Danger areas on wind turbines - safety is always first

INNO|talk - expert discussion on the subject of fall protection on wind turbines

The importance of fall protection systems for wind power

Fall protection system according to the ASR A2.1 on top of a futuristic building

ASR A2.1 - German rule for protection against falls

Acceptance protocol: TAURUS

Safety instructions

A figure and a gavel emphasise the legal regulations for fall protection systems

Legal principles of fall protection

Rescue training interview RelyOn Nutec and Innotech - Onshore

“What happens when something happens?” – Birk Schütte in the interview about rescue training for wind power technicians

Industrial protection with PPE as fall protection

Industrial protection and industrial safety – the difference

Acceptance protocol: SDH/SDA

Godewind II relies on fall protection from Innotech

Success Story Gode Wind 2

Offshore: Fall protection

Fall height illustrated by a man standing on top of a building in the mountains.

Fall height

Brochure: Planning & Statics

 BWTS & Innotech

Professionals pinpoint potentials for improvement in terms of safety on wind power plants ...

BWTS interviewed by Innotech

Exciting insights into the working life of a service engineer for wind turbines

Acceptance protocol: BARRIER

Danger sources wind turbines - fall protection

Challenges for service engineers on wind turbines

Sign informing about suspension trauma

Suspension trauma

Teccon - Expertise for smooth implementation of the PV project

Expertise for a smooth implementation of the PV project, including fall protection

Acceptance protocol: SOPV

Lifeline system in use at Teccon

Teccon relies on the lifeline system for installation

The STOP principle includes protective measures for workplaces with a high hazard potential.

STOP principle

A desk on which a safety concept is made.

Safety concept

Collective fall protection at an airport

Collective fall protection

Fall edges need safety

Fall edge - definition, distance, and protective measures

Individual protection solution from INNOTECH using the example of Chadstone

Individual protection in fall protection systems

Contents rescue concept

Rescue concept for fall protection

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Pendulum fall


Risk assessment

Illusion of safety due to missing or inappropriate fall protection.

Illusion of safety

Two skilled workers on a pitched roof with an INNOTECH restraint and fall arrest system

Restraint system and fall arrest system - what is the difference?

PV system with fall protection

Best performance of the PV system through timely planning of the fall protection system

Teccon relies on INNOTECH

Secured facade cleaning with TAURUS

Secure facade cleaning even in places that are difficult to access

Flat roof protection with the AIO

An expert in the solar power business insists on fall prevention systems as early as the property analysis

Acceptance protocol: AIO

Guide for PV systems on the roof

Guide: Fall Protection Photovoltaic (PV)-System


Elektro Scherer puts its trust in the TAURUS rail system from INNOTECH

How roof surfaces can be optimally used for the planned PV installation


Why should you, as PV installers, also offer the fall protection system?

Acceptance protocol: MFS


Individual or collective protection? Which system is used when for PV installations on a roof?

A professional safety concept for PV installations protects the wallet and the nerves

Acceptance protocol: EAP


Successful solar system installers are those who offer PV fall protection at the same time

Acceptance protocol: VERT

2023 characterised by “Green Energy - Orange Safety”

TAURUS-ALLROUND allows for a safe look into the starry skies over Spain


Review of 2022

Product data sheet: EAP-MOBI

Inconspicuous integration of the fall protection into the stage design

Rigoletto - Bregenz Festival, Austria

TAURUS and Felbermayr rail system

Felbermayr - Linz, Upper Austria

Product data sheet: MFS-SYSTEM

Securing the steep roof and the edge of the fall at the Volkshaus Zurich

Volkshaus - Zurich, Switzerland

Safety increases business for solar system installers as full service providers

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Supporting multiple PV customers simultaneously can often become a huge challenge


Work on a PV system on a roof


PV systems on a roof – consider all danger areas, in order to protect against falls effectively


6 tips which help solar system installers to gain increased turnover from their PV installations on roofs

Fall protection system with integrated lightning protection (BIA)

EAP-TEL-10 and 20

Subsequent installation of a fall protection system for PV installations on the roof



360° solutions as a guarantee for success

Westgate Shopping Centre - four roofs, just one safety solution

Westgate Shopping Centre - Oxford, UK

Optimisation instead of new construction


4 steps are necessary for professional fall protection on the PV system on the roof

The right fall protection creates more space for the PV system

Correct servicing and inspection of your PV fall protection system protects you from many problems


The professional way to install a fall protection system for your PV system on the roof

The installation of a fall protection system for your PV system on the roof requires a certain amount of expertise!

The aspects to focus on when planning a fall protection system for the PV system on your roof

Fassade Chadstone and AIO

Chadstone - Melbourne, Australia


Fall protection systems for your PV system installed on the roof

INNO|fair 2022

TAURUS fall protection on the PV system of the Muttsee dam

The largest alpine solar plant - Muttsee, Switzerland

Muttsee: TAURUS in use

Making of

Making of AIO-GLEIT-22

PV systems on a flat roof can be efficient and safe at the same time


5 tips relating to your PV system on the roof

Professional fall protection for your PV system on pitched roofs


Fall protection photovoltaics

Photovoltaic system including façade protection

Safely secured solar power plant

Burnout as a gradual process


Fall protection at windows


Safe, practical, aesthetic

MFS presented compactly

Fall protection for PV installations

BARRIER updates

Fall prevention for windows - training creates SAFETY

What makes a window fall protection system SAFE


Field report from someone who knows

Benefits for facility managers/responsible persons

Special cases require particular safety solutions


Various professional safety solutions for window cleaning


Checklist - Regulations for facility managers


High-level view of fall protection on facades

Fall protection on facades: 2 best practice examples

Whoops, facade safety forgotten – what can be done?


Fall Protection for Facades: How Much Does it Cost?

How To Achieve the Optimal Invitation to Tender for Facade Protection

7 steps of risk assessment of facades

All-round protection on facades with the (S)TOP application principle


Rope access technology on facades - all information at a glance

A day’s work in rope access technology for facades


5 modern facade types on which rope access technology is possible

What is rope access technology and what are its benefits for facades?

Holistic rescue concept for facades


Correct planning and implementation of rope access technology on facades


7 tips on installing concealed fall protection systems on façades, with or without rope access technology

Fall protection Liebherr Crawler Crane

Liebherr Crawler Crane - Nenzing, Austria


Fall protection in industry - all information at a glance

PV plant Werkhof - flat roof protection

Werkhof - Vaduz, Liechtenstein

4 Best Practice examples of fall protection in industry

A changing of the generations at Innotech

Fall protection for IMAK Anlagenbau - floating crane

IMAK Anlagenbau - Floating crane


Fall protection in industry: Scope, costs, and professional tips


Why fall protection is always cheaper than a fall

3 highly effective special solutions for fall protection in industry


Legal foundations, liability, and standards for fall protection in industry

Illusion of safety in industrial operations - How real fall protection is created

Zugspitze - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Kletterseile statt Hubsteiger

Die Gewinner des Deutschen Arbeitsschutzpreises 2019


What you need to know about securing flat roofs.

Axel-Springer-Gebäude: Fensterputzen für Schwindelfreie

Kletterrouten an der Fassade des Axel-Springer-Gebäudes in Berlin

Sicher ist sicher

Besser auf Absturzsicherung als aufs Glück verlassen


Melzer PR Group mit neuem Kunden INNOTECH

In luftiger Höhe

INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz mit Absturzsicherungen für Bauwerke und Industrie weltweit erfolgreich

Sicherheit und Ästhetik

Hellabrunn elephant house, roof safety

Elephant house Hellabrunn, Munich

Fall protection TAURUS & Linz AG

LINZ AG Tower, Linz - Austria

Max Aicher Arena safety system from Innotech

Max Aicher Arena - Inzell, Germany


ÖAMTC complex - Vienna, Austria

Fall protection for the paneum

Paneum Bread Museum - Asten, Austria

Facade protection Axel Springer

Axel Springer Building - Berlin, Germany

INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz - Sichere Lösungen am Dach

 National Museum of Quatar and Innotech

National Museum of Qatar - Doha, Qatar

Elbphilharmonie and Innotech

Elbe Philharmonic Hall - Hamburg, Germany

Gemeinsam Leben sichern

BAKU Convention Center - Innotech

BACU Convention Center, Bacu - Azerbaijan

Europabrücke Tyrol - Innotech

Europa Bridge "Europabrücke" - Tyrol, Austria

Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre - Innotech Façade Protection

Trinity Leeds - Leeds, England

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - Innotech fall protection system

University of business and economics - Vienna, Austria

Pyramid cone and fall protection from Innotech

Pyramidenkogel - Carinthia, Austria

Sichere Speziallösungen von INNOTECH - Die Max Aicher Arena

INNOTECH - Ihr Partner bei Sicherheitsfragen

Digitales Dokumentations-Tool

Qualität von INNOTECH - Der Vorreiter bei Sicherheitsfragen

INNOTECH - Neue Produkte, noch mehr Service