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Overview of danger areas in hydro-electric plants

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Alexander Ott
Alexander Ott

Alexander Ott

After his apprenticeship as a tinsmith and office administrator, Alexander Ott started in technical sales and focused on the area of "occupational health and safety" at well-known roof retailers. In 2019, Ott started as Key Account Manager for Tyrol, Salzburg and Vorarlberg at INNOTECH. In 2020, Alexander Ott was entrusted with the management of sales in Austria, where he is always committed to his customers and his team and, above all, goes about his work with a lot of heart and fun in order to safeguard lives every day.

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Special series: Fall protection for hydropower plants

Safety in a hydro-electric plant with INNOTECH fall protection systems

Safety on a hydro-electric plant - what does that have to do with fall protection?

The modernisation and extension of existing power stations creates challenges which have not so far existed, or else only to a different extent. In this regard, the requirements relating to a fall protection system also change. For example, when building fish passes, the safety required for the people working on them must also be ensured. This blog post tells you about how hydro-electric power and fall protection interact.

Protection of the danger areas on and in a hydro-electric plant with Innotech

Overview of danger areas in hydro-electric plants

As a workplace, a hydro-electric plant provides a number of challenges in terms of safety because of its situation and structure. The service technicians and maintenance or cleaning workers move in a very unfriendly terrain, and must therefore be protected by a professional safety system.

Protection of the danger areas on and in a hydro-electric plant with Innotech
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