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Fall protection at the highest level
from the European innovation leader.


Complex large-scale projects solved intelligently with innovative fall protection systems by INNOTECH.

INNOTECH - we redefine fall protection.

Founded in 2001, INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz is a family-owned company with headquarters in Kirchham and branch offices in Germany and Switzerland. With a dedicated research and development team, INNOTECH soon set international standards in the area of occupational safety. Ever since, it has driven forward the further development of innovative products.
Today INNOTECH is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe which has specialised exclusively in the production of safety systems, with 88% from its own manufacture, in order to guarantee maximum quality. According to various statistics, several hundred people have an accident on roofs every year. Accidents that could have been prevented with appropriate safety equipment and the diligent installation of high-quality fall protection systems. In the area of worker protection, INNOTECH is the joint author of planning documents and is a joint founder of the international working group D.A.CH.S.,which consists of experts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tyrol, and whose aim is to create cross-border regulations for fall protection systems.


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17+ real testimonials
Uros Erculj

We started cooperating with the company INNOTECH because they always offered us the appropriate technical solution for even the most problematic situation. They are great…

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Daniel Militaru
Technical Director

Since our very beginning, Innotech succeeded to exceed our expectation combining in an unique way the personnel professionalism with the quality of the products - extended…

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Michael Kammerer

We have been known for years for our special solutions to complex fall protection systems and always need a strong partner at our side who is also flexible enough outside…

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Kepa Vitoria

15 years ago we started our journey in the world of fall protection systems. Initially, we worked with various brands, learning the strengths and weaknesses of different…

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Carsten Schuchhardt

Innotech offers a range of top fall protection products that set new standards. The direct involvement is a huge plus, but what resonates most with us is that Innotech…

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Christophe Tosi

As a professional in fall protection, from production to concept planning, Innotech not only supplies us with high-quality material, but also reacts extremely flexibly to…

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Christian Wildenauer

Since 2007, we have been dealing exclusively with the design and installation of fall protection systems. During this time, Innotech has proven that it has a solution for…

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David Hofmeister
Technischer Leiter

As a long-standing INNOTECH partner, we appreciate the good, fast and solution-oriented cooperation with the entire team, be it the on-site visit, the planning or even the…

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Michael Duss
Head of Sales Utility Roof

We work together with our partner INNOTECH on new technical solutions. We too see that the PV market is growing by leaps and bounds, and so the requirement for fall…

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Christian Scherer
Head of Photovoltaics Department

For my PV project, it was enormously important that the overall construct was as safe as possible. The systems from other manufacturers were usually far too elaborate and…

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Andreas Steindl
Head of Central Technics

We at Rosenbauer manufacture fire-fighting vehicles and need fall protection for employees to ensure full safety when working on our vehicles. With INNOTECH, I have found…

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Alexander Werfer

Our company, IMMOTECH Austria, based in Linz, is the country’s largest provider ofproperty safety and security inspections as per the ÖNORM B1300 & B1301 standards.An…

Read more
Klaus Husch
Managing Director

We were particularly looking for an enhancement to our ascent ladders, and after anintroduction to INNOTECH’s product range, we were soon impressed by theappropriate…

Read more
Marc Wollschläger
Head of Sales and Business Development

As a manufacturer and independent service provider in the area of wind power andrenewable energies (PV, biogas, and electric charging stations), our company BWTSGmbH has…

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Heiko Seefeldt

We came into contact with INNOTECH via Christoph Reiter and Christoph Ortner,and we wish to support this innovative company as a partner, in order to promote the subject…

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Tobias Hammerschmidt
Planning, Project Development and Management

For decades we have been installing fall protection systems for very varied industrialcustomers who have to deal with very different and sometimes complicated…

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Christian Heierli
​​Investment & Regulatory Manager

For a 2 Megawatt PV plant on the Muttsee reservoir dam wall, ourchallenge was to finda solution whereby scaffolding for installing the PV equipment became unnecessary:…

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You can also find further information on fall protection in our fall protection wiki

Fall protection – what is it?

Fall protection systems ensure that people who are located in a fall-risk area - e.g. for construction site tasks performed at height on roofs, masts, machinery, or vehicles - are protected from a potential fall. Measures for protection are also necessary when descending to a depth. Either this requires a safety solution such as a lifeline or rail system which is connected directly to the person via personal protective equipment and a lanyard, or else special railings are used in order to provide fall protection to several people simultaneously. A fall protection system therefore protects persons singly (individual protection) or multiple persons (collective protection) against falling from a dangerous height. With the appropriate safety solution, workers can perform their tasks in safety on a large number of surfaces. Life and limb are protected, and the employer also has no serious consequences to fear from a fall.

The fall protection system is an essential component of industrial safety.

Companies bear the responsibility of creating safe basic conditions for their employees while they perform their activities. This covers many different areas, such as protection from injury when working on machinery, or protection from poisonous chemicals. In the context of fall protection, the following applies to industrial safety: A fall from a height of 2 metres endangers life and limb. For this, suitable fall protection is a legal obligation. If personal protective equipment (PPE) is in use, then the user must also possess special knowledge obtained from PPE training. This ensures a high level of industrial protection.
However, falls cannot be prevented 100 %. However attentive the person is, there is always a risk of slipping or taking an ill-considered step. For this reason, the implementation of safety measures is imperative when working in fall-risk areas. Although the fall itself cannot be prevented completely, its life-threatening consequences can be reduced by using the correct means and measures. This too is part of industrial safety: where the danger cannot be eliminated, it must at least be minimised. A small digression: this is termed the STOP application principle.

Application areas for fall protection systems

When they hear “falls from height”, most people probably think of roofs or construction sites in general. Roofers, construction workers, and service engineers who perform installation, servicing, and maintenance on a building or on roofs are amongst the occupational groups who require fall protection. In addition to this obvious application area, there are many further areas of use for fall protection systems:

  • Tasks on roofs: Whether on a flat or a pitched roof, from a height of 2 metres a fall protection system is needed for both roof types. In general, it is not possible to access a pitched roof safely without fall protection.
  • Working along a facade: For industrial warehouses, shopping centres with glass fronts, public buildings such as railway stations, etc., the necessary cleaning and maintenance tasks must be performed under safe conditions.

  • High racks and warehouses: When loading and transporting goods, employees confronted with very differing working heights must be protected accordingly.
  • Tasks indoors and outdoors in production operations, especially with large machinery: In industry there are tasks to be performed under quite specific conditions using very varied machinery, and not only at ground level. The danger of a fall must be minimised here.
  • Loading and unloading vehicles: When goods and products are transported by means of HGVs, trains, aircraft, etc., the loading and unloading tasks often take place at height, and therefore require a safety measure against falling.
  • Working in shafts: When it comes to fall protection systems, height and depth are closely related. And so a descent into a shaft, e.g. to perform maintenance tasks, must be protected appropriately - on its own a ladder provides no protection, and is insufficient.
  • Masts and transmission lines: There is very little disagreement about the necessity for fall protection at these extreme heights - it is an essential piece of equipment when performing activities on pylons, drilling rigs, etc.
  • Wind farms: Wind turbines and equipment which generate renewable energy are even higher than most buildings. Here too, the specially trained workers must be protected when performing their inspection and servicing tasks.
  • Tunnel and bridge building: Whether, for example, in the ground or over water, here too there are working heights greater than 2 metres. Workers in the danger area must be protected from falling.

What types of fall protection are there?

As already mentioned, a distinction is made between individual and collective protection. To protect a person individually, personal protective equipment is always necessary. This must be combined with what we call a lanyard, and an anchor point or a rail or lifeline system. Special guardrails are used to protect several people, without needing personal protective equipment. The INNOTECH product range includes:


Fall protection with quality

INNOTECH fall protection systems are designed to give users maximum protection and comfort. Our objective is to provide products which guarantee maximum safety but at the same time are simple to install. INNOTECH’s fall protection systems are manufactured to the highest industrial standards, and make it possible to deliver unrivalled safety and quality. We use only robust materials which guarantee long-term durability. Our fall protection systems are subjected to demanding inspections and tests in order to ensure that all components function perfectly, and that the system more than fulfils the safety standards. This is how we ensure that all our products fulfil the requirements of the European standardisation process for fall protection (EN 795), and that they correspond to our understanding of quality. INNOTECH represents innovation and high-quality products. With us at your side, you can rely on maximum safety in every situation.

The right advice for the right fall protection system

Not only does INNOTECH manufacture innovative fall protection products, we also offer consultancy services relating to industrial safety. With its immense specialist knowledge and many years’ experience in the areas of industrial safety, risk assessment, and risk management, our planning department is available to every customer. For us, rapid reaction times and customer focus are part of the job: With the focus on quality and performance, an INNOTECH fall protection system helps you to make your workplaces as safe as possible and to PROTECT LIVES!