10.09.2018 | Building shell

BACU Convention Center, Bacu - Azerbaijan

The Shell by the Caspian Sea. In Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan on the coast of the Caspian Sea, stands another attractive large project, built in close co-operation with the Viennese architects Coop Himmelb(l)au – namely, the Baku Convention Center. The team of experts at INNOTECH developed a system that meets these special requirements and was fixed under the upper roof cladding, making it barely visible to the naked eye.

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One of the biggest challenges was not to compromise the elegance of the complex roof structure and to preserve the aesthetics of the building.

Christoph Ortner
BAKU Convention Center - Innotech

This multi-functional building was planned as a „green building ­concept“, to fit perfectly into the image of the knowledge and educational metropolis that is Baku, which has had the status of a ­UNESCO world cultural site since 2000 due to its magnificent old town offering palaces, theatres, museums and numerous ­universities.

The centrepiece of the new, imposing building is the auditorium, which serves 3500 visitors and a multitude of purposes: a concert hall and theatre at the same time as well as conference, trade fair and major event facilities – ideal as a cultural and economic centre for Baku and its 2 million inhabitants, the most populated city in the country as well as the whole of the Caucasus. The client for this project was the Republic of Azerbaijan itself.

A new challenge in the field of fall protection

For the INNOTECH think-tank team this fascinating building was a whole new challenge in the field of fall protection. An elegantly curved shell shape, providing a sense of calmness with its spacious and open interior spaces, yet complex roof security and safety was something that needed to be delivered through the INNOTECH ­product portfolio as well as our R&D department.

One of the main challenges was to avoid impairing the elegance of the complex roof structure. So, the expert team at INNOTECH developed a system that was mounted on the upper roof skin, barely visible to the naked eye. Merely rope with a connector and curve elements that subtly ­pro­trude form the roof, as if they are not there.

Safety is paramount, and sometimes architectural desires are ­moved from the forefront. The system was installed using specially ­designed clamps on the round interlocking Bemo roof. Because of these clamps, the thermal expansion of the roof has no effect.We also needed to organise our Turkish partners at INNOTECH to be the on-site installers: add to this that there were repeated ­changes to the original main plans during installation process. ­

However, even these challenges were overcome – INNOTECH ­relies on a strong, anchored, worldwide network of partners that respond ­professionally to the strongest of challenges. So, six INNOTECH systems were installed on 55,000 square ­metres of Bemo roof and facade, with 830m of rope, 103 intermediate ­bracket and 27 end and corner posts. An unpresidented delivery left our in-house production facility and there now sits an almost ­invisible fall protection system in harmony with visible elegance.

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