17.01.2019 | Building shell

Paneum Bread Museum - Asten, Austria

The renowned Coop Himmelb(l)au architectural practice and the Austrian baking products company, backaldrin, shared a vision. The client wanted to provide a suitable display space for its roughly 1,200 exhibits from all over the world, dealing with the subject of bread. The result is the futuristic Paneum display environment in the shape of a loaf of bread.

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The architect's requirement was in particular that the visual appearance and building aesthetics should not be compromised.

Christoph Ortner
Fall protection for the paneum

INNOTECH provides safe solutions for the roof

The building itself consists of two components: A plinth building made of exposed concrete, approximately 17 metres wide, 31 metres long, and nearly 5 metres high, and a floating wooden construction consisting of 72 horizontal rings. This sculptural structure has been clad with 3,680 stainless steel shingles.

With the basic requirement that not one of these stainless steel shingles was to be damaged, the search started to find an ideal maintenance option for the building shell, and it was INNOTECH who provided the solution. A 41 metre long oval lifeline system with 13 anchor points makes safe maintenance possible at a height up to 20 metres, while retaining maximum possible freedom of movement for the user. The architect was particularly insistent that the visual appearance and the building aesthetics were not to be impaired. INNOTECH was able to fulfil this challenge too – the installed system integrates seamlessly into the building’s architecture, and is almost invisible.

Also in the Atrium, the building’s internal space, reliance is placed on the superior quality level of INNOTECH products. A total of six TAURUS rail systems, each equipped with a TAURUS slide and the corresponding safety harness, provide secure access to the maintenance platform.

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