13.10.2022 | New products

EAP-TEL-10 and 20

The single anchor point for shaft entry, and its matching mount.

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Specialist series:

Optimum safety, thanks to the two anchorage eyes present.

EAP-TEL-10 is a single anchor point for all shafts having concrete or steel substructures and requiring fall protection. The retractable telescopic post is attached to the EAP-TEL-20 mount which has previously been permanently installed in the shaft. After the EAP-TEL-10 has been attached to the mount, descent into the shaft is rapid and easy. This product was designed for mobile use and, thanks to the telescopic post, it is easily transported in a rucksack. For one thing, the two mounted anchorage eyes enable safe descent using the fall arrest device, and then again in an emergency, rescue from the shaft is possible at any time.


All benefits at a glance:

  • Great flexibility thanks to the mobile deployability of the telescopic single anchor point
  • Time-saving thanks to simplicity of handling through tool-free attachment to the permanently installed mount(EAP-TEL-20). The EAP-TEL-10 is therefore ideally suited to mobile deployment
  • Optimum safety, thanks to the two anchorage eyes present. One is provided for safe descents, and the other can be used if a rescue is required
  • Practical storage in a rucksack, thanks to the EAP-TEL-10’s removable telescopic post


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