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Expertise for a smooth implementation of the PV project, including fall protection

In Carinthia, together with BayWa r.e. Solar Systems GmbH and the installation team from MET Elektro Unterlerchner GmbH, the company Teccon was equipped with a PV system including fall protection. The timely inclusion of the safety solution results in several advantages, such as more power on the same area. Martin Zechner and Berkan Yanik explain in an interview what other benefits this brings.

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It is important for us to safeguard life and limb with PV systems on the roof and to secure the danger zone of the fall edge accordingly.

Martin Zechner
Teccon - Expertise for smooth implementation of the PV project

In Carinthia, Austria, Teccon GmbH was equipped with a PV system including fall protection in a joint project involving BayWa r.e. Solar Systems GmbH and the installation team of MET Elektro Unterlerchner GmbH.

A new production hall was erected in Carinthia for Teccon GmbH. Right from the outset, the project focussed on safety on the roof.

Find out about the planning and installation for this project in the blog posts “Best performance of the PV system through timely planning of the fall protection system – an examination of current practice shows why” and “Teccon relies on the lifeline system during installation. PV system on the roof optimally secured.”  

In the blog post below, we interviewed Martin Zechner from BayWa r.e. Solar System GmbH and Berkan Yanik from MET Elektro Unterlerchner GmbH.

We have summarised the key parts of the discussion below, and the full-length video is available further down the page. 


The start of the collaboration

Protect life and limb!

“We planned the project together with INNOTECH. It is important to us to protect life and limb for roof-based PV systems, and therefore to secure the danger area of the fall edge”, explains Martin Zechner.

For this reason, we decided to collaborate with BayWa r.e. We presented a concept for the Novotegra substructure, and on this basis we developed a solution which can be attached directly to the substructure. 

According to Zechner, the attachment of our AIO lifeline system directly to the substructure of the photovoltaic system creates a number of benefits:

  • No roof penetration - and therefore no leaking roof or potential damage to the roof cladding.



  • More power from the same surface area - by attaching the fall protection system directly to the PV substructure, an increased kWp output can be generated from the same roof area, thus resulting in increased return from the PV system installed.


Safety systems as obstacles

Berkan Yanik tells us about the problems of a roof-based safety system before the collaboration with BayWa r.e., and their resolution by installing the fall protection system directly onto the PV substructure.

Often the fall protection system represented an obstacle!

By attaching the lifeline system directly to the Novotegra substructure, this challenge has been completely neutralised,” says Berkan Yanik, and “much more power can be generated from the PV system.” 


“Above all, the installation and onsite training worked out very well, thanks to the expertise of Jürgen Silmbroth and his INNOTECH team”, notes the installation team leader, Berkan Yanik.

There is more to discover about the reference installation in this 3-minute video. 

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If you need help, then make an appointment today with our expert in fall protection systems for PV installations on flat and pitched roofs or download our guide.

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