05.07.2022 | Events and follow-up reports

INNO|fair 2022

Orange safety to get your hands on. On 23 June 2022 at 9 o’clock in the morning it finally happened… we opened the doors for this year’s INNO|fair. In the early hours of the morning, the first of the total of 160 experts and specialists in the subject of fall protection arrived at our site in Kirchham.

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Overall, it was possible to experience our fall protection systems close up, from the manufacturing process to the finished product, and to feel the vibe of “Orange safety”.

Christoph Ortner

The programme was tightly scheduled and embellished by numerous technical presentations from industry specialists. In addition to the presentation of our product innovations such as the AIO-GLEIT-22 or the PSA-STRING-AIR-VEST, the participants in our in-house event were able to enjoy an experience tour through our production facility, a helicopter tour over the Traunsee region, and a GOKART race. In this review, we take a further look back at our INNO|fair. 


Let’s get it started

The event started with the first technical presentation in our BARRIER Corner. Not only did this generate interactive discussions, but also the assembly of our guardrail system was demonstrated in practice. In the morning there was of course the chance to fortify oneself for the day with coffee and cake. The next programme item was the presentation of our product innovation, the PSA-STRING-AIR-VEST, on the main stage on our roof terrace. For this, experts from DAirLab joined our in-house event. The practical section demonstrated how the protective vest functions in an emergency. In addition, all information required on the subject of personal protective equipment could be found in the corresponding PPE Corner. Here the best moments of the INNO|fair at a glance: 

But that's not all. By midday, it was certainly time for a lunch break. The food trucks treated all guests, presenters, and employees with tasty burger variations, and so at 13.30 all those interested were able to participate, reinforced, in the guided experience tour. Christoph Reiter in person guided the visitors through the various stages of the production process for our fall protection systems. The meaning of the term “ghost shift”, the role that automation plays for us, what is so special about our welding shop, and the secret behind our pre-assembly were all explained. 


At 15.00, the day continued with a technical presentation in the TAURUS Corner. Under the motto “Choosing a TAURUS is no accident”, our TAURUS rail safety system was presented on the basis of the new Axel Springer building in Berlin. A highpoint of the programme was the “Green energy - Orange safety” talk on our Energy Terrace. Here, the largest alpine solar plant, at Muttsee, Switzerland, was presented as a reference project. There is more about this here.  Overall, it was possible to experience our fall protection systems close up, from the manufacturing process to the finished product, and to feel the vibe of “Orange safety”. 

At 17.00, relaxation was the order of the day. The gentle sound of the piano, combined with sunny weather, was perfect for bringing in the evening and processing the day’s experiences. The INNO|fair concluded with a further highlight – the speech by the company management and a fire show with an acrobatics interlude. After this, the INNO|fair concluded pleasantly on our roof terrace. We are already looking forward to the next INNO|fair in June 2024.


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