17.09.2021 | Protection of machinery and vehicles

Liebherr Crawler Crane - Nenzing, Austria

The goal of this reference project was to reliably secure people performing maintenance work on the jib arm of the crawler crane against falling. Discover how this challenge was solved in the following article.

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The requirement was to reliably secure people performing maintenance work on the boom arm of the crawler crane against falling.

Alexander Ott
Fall protection Liebherr Crawler Crane

Applications which require a fall protection system are as varied as the options available to protect against a fall. Whether on facades, roofs, windows, or cranes, a fall protection system matched to the respective situation is essential. On some occasions, the wide range of standard solutions is not effective, and so a special solution has to be developed. This was the case for the LR 1250 crawler crane from Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH.


A tricky background situation

The requirement was to provide reliable fall protection for people performing maintenance tasks on the boom arm of the crawler crane. At this level, the fall height amounts to approx. 2 to 3 m. Falls from this distance are deemed to be particularly dangerous because the fall must be stopped immediately, and the person must be prevented from making impact with the ground. The solution was install a safety system to left and right along the walkway. This catches the person immediately, regardless whether the fall occurs on the left or right hand side. In addition, the objective was to avoid the crawler crane’s functionality being impaired by the fall protection system.


How a runway is made safe

Fully in keeping with the motto “Where there’s a will there’s a way”, a special solution was developed using the TAURUS rail system. By installing a rail to left and right along the runway, it was possible to restrict the fall height to a minimum; this stops the user immediately in the event of a fall. This type of fall protection system provides continuously secured movement along the runway. Furthermore, the system impresses thanks to the free-running characteristics and user-friendliness of the slider (Doppel-HSG), which was specially developed for this application. As an optimum enhancement matching our system, the person working on the runway is equipped with our PSA-STRING Basic harness.

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