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2023 characterised by “Green Energy - Orange Safety”

A teaser for what awaits you from INNOTECH in the New Year

2022 is almost over, and in the previous blog post we already looked at what was going on for us this year in the world of fall protection. Its focus included the topic of “Green Energy - Orange Safety”, and therefore the relationship between green energy generated by photovoltaic installations on flat and pitched roofs and the protection of people active in these fall-risk areas. 



To be continued...

In 2023 the subject of fall prevention protection for photovoltaic installations on flat and pitched roofs will continue to play a dominant role. Equally, attention will be further focused on personal protection in relation to water and wind power.


We will address how a fall protection system is relevant to these subject areas, and the importance of professional personal protective equipment (PPE) in this regard. In the first quarter of the New Year, our emphasis is how solar installation engineers benefit by integrating the fall protection into the PV system.


The safety concept for PV systems and the topic of collective protection vs. individual protection are also considered in relation to “green energy” from PV installations on a roof. 


What does the competition for surface area on a flat roof boil down to? Why is fall protection required along dam walls and also within a dam wall? In terms of water power (barrages), how can existing danger areas be protected against falls?


How do a fall protection system and the subject of wind power interact? In 2023 we will try to address these questions in a general way. Of course, helpful, no-cost checklists, factsheets, and guides are waiting to be discovered in this regard. 



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Good-looking, safely protected facades

In addition to the emphasis on “Green Energy - Orange Safety”, in the second half of the year especially, facade safety will take on a dominant role. In this regard, there are already two informative posts in our blog, “Fall protection on facades – a broad overview” and “Rope access technology on facades - all information at a glance”, which deal with these areas succinctly.


They address the importance of timely planning of a professional fall protection system on facades. Look forward to the facade protection information with which we will surprise you next year, and to the best practice examples to be implemented.


Our “to do” list also includes the regular preparation of new reference projects, found on our website under the caption “Special projects”. Also, the next application areas in our product finder are waiting to be filled with content. 



Whispers from behind the scenes

In 2023 digitalisation and automation will generally assume an important and essential role. However, we don’t want to give too much away here. In terms of “Green Energy”, we need to further implement our own photovoltaic system on our company building in Kirchham. 


Next year we will again be represented as an exhibitor at the A + A trade fair, from 24 to 27 October 2023. Mark this appointment in your calendar right now, because we will be presenting our fall protection systems on the stand, and will be happy to answer any open questions on the subject of fall protection. INNO|fair will therefore take a break for now, and will be held again in 2024.


So that’s the overview of the cornerstones for 2023. Look forward to the exciting content which awaits you, and to the product innovations which we have for you in the New Year. Because one thing is certain: we continuously optimise and further develop our fall protection systems, so let yourself be surprised by what 2023 holds ready for you in this regard.



Guide for safe facades

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Founded in 2001, INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz is a family-owned company with headquarters in Kirchham and branch offices in Germany and Switzerland. With a dedicated research and development team, INNOTECH soon set international standards in the area of occupational safety. Ever since, it has driven forward the further development of innovative products. Today INNOTECH is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe which has specialised exclusively in the production of safety systems, with 88% from its own manufacture, in order to guarantee maximum quality.

According to various statistics, several hundred people have an accident on roofs every year. Accidents that could have been prevented with appropriate safety equipment and the diligent installation of high-quality fall protection systems.

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