03.09.2018 | Tunnel & bridge building

Europa Bridge "Europabrücke" - Tyrol, Austria

With a height of 190 metres, the Europabrücke is the highest bridge in Austria. From now on, safety for inspections or maintenance and servicing work is provided by INNOTECH rope systems.

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The installed rope safety system allows secured access to lower bridge systems.

Alexander Ott
Europabrücke Tyrol - Innotech

In 2011 the decision was made to install a fall protection system on one of the highest girder bridges in Europe. Opened for traffic in 1963, the Europa Bridge near Innsbruck, the centrepiece of the Austrian Brenner A 13 motorway, has impressive dimensions - height of 190 m and a length of 820 m.


Safety for inspections by INNOTECH rope systems

10 INNOTECH cable systems were installed in 7 days by a 3-person industrial climbing team headed by Andreas Geisler of offground solutions. The lifeline system installed permitted access to systems at lower levels, e.g. in order to undertake inspections on the pillars.


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