27.08.2021 | PV/flat roofs

Werkhof - Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Things work better together. The Vaduz municipal administration and the Liechtenstein Red Cross (LRK) followed this idea with their jointly planned and realised new building on the Vaduz Werkhof site. We will show what role our fall protection systems played in this.

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The objective was to deliver a safety system that works like a bodyguard who marries maximum safety with minimum visibility.

Curdin Erne
PV plant Werkhof - flat roof protection

The building simultaneously serves as a maintenance depot, administrative building and a base for the Liechtenstein Red Cross. It houses various user groups with different requirements under the same roof.


Photovoltaic installation and fall protection system

One feature is shared by all rooms in the facility of the Vaduz maintenance depot and that is the photovoltaic installation, which is mounted on the 1,700 m² flat roof and made up of 560 modules. It supplies the bulk of the power necessary to run the building’s cooling system and two power-hungry air-water heat pumps. The technicians maintaining and servicing this installation require a dependable fall protection system to work on the roof in safety. Not only is the safety system exposed to wind and weather every day, it also needs to be ready for use at all times and ensure safety even under the most adverse conditions. Aside from the ability to meet functional requirements, customer increasingly value aesthetics as well.


Smart combination

The objective was, therefore, to deliver a safety system that works like a bodyguard who marries maximum safety with minimum visibility. The TAURUS rail system satisfies these standards in an ideal way. Since the rails allowed for the direct mounting of the TAURUS systems on the PV substructure K2, it was possible to install a total of 91 anchorage points without the need to penetrate the roof even once. At the same time, the ballast of the PV installation serves as a support for the fall protection system.

The sleek design of the rails ensures that the available roof surface is utilized to the maximum. What is more, the rail system with its length of approx. 170 metres provides for unobstructed work all around the three courtyards and accessibility in every direction. The curve-compatible horizontal sliders GLEIT-H-11 deliver excellent sliding properties.


All benefits at a glance

  • Flexible adjustment to the conditions on site
  • Also suitable for low building heights as deformation is minimal in the event of a fall into the system
  • Optimum utilization of the roof surface
  • Minimum visibility thanks to slender rail design
  • Excellent sliding properties thanks to the horizontal slider GLEIT-H-11
  • Installation on top of the PV substructure, avoiding the need to penetrate the roof
  • Tested according to the current state of the art:
    EN 795:2012 TYP D and TYPE
    CEN/TS 16415:2013
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