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Elektro Scherer puts its trust in the TAURUS rail system from INNOTECH

In its practical implementation, the roof installation of PV systems together with their associated fall protection repeatedly creates specific challenges. In the case of Elektro Scherer, a TAURUS rail system from INNOTECH was attached directly to the K2 substructure of the solar power plant.

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For my PV project, it was enormously important that the overall construct was as safe as possible.

Christian Scherer

For this project, solar panels had to be installed on two roofs simultaneously. Specifically, these were the main roof of the high-rack warehouse of a German company and the associated subsidiary roof, which is a number of metres lower. In addition, these two roofs were connected by a bridge, which of course also had to be provided with an appropriate safety solution. Here, the greatest challenge was the height difference between the two sites. 


Technical details

For the roof of the high-rack warehouse, a total length of 198 m of TAURUS rail system was installed onto K2 D-Dome solar system material. On the subsidiary roof at the lower level, 53 m of the safety solution from INNOTECH were installed in total, permanently mounted on the PV system. A further 98 m of TAURUS were required for the connecting bridge. In addition to that, eight EAP single anchor points were attached to the K2 substructure at the fall edge between the roof of the high-rack warehouse and the subsidiary roof.


Innovation and quality

In 1952 master electrician Karl Scherer founded the company Karl Scherer Elektrische Anlagen in Dellmensingen, southern Germany. The company now operates under the name Elektro Scherer, and has always insisted on innovation and quality. In order to become somewhat more independent in terms of power supply in future, one of the customers of the specialist in electro-technical solutions decided to install its own PV system. In addition to the legal obligation to achieve maximum safety on the roof as a workplace, the customer was above all concerned about the safety and well-being of its employees. The answer was therefore a professional fall protection system which did not impede the optimum performance of the solar power plant. 

In addition to servicing and cleaning the PV panels, the TAURUS rail system now makes it possible to optimally and above all safely maintain and clean all elements on the roof of the high-rack warehouse and the subsidiary roof. This includes the smoke and heat extraction domes. Elektro Scherer has already implemented a number of projects together with INNOTECH. This is why, for fall protection for PV installations on a roof, the management of the German company also relies on the experts from the Austrian family undertaking.

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Special solutions which can be relied on

The wide range of products for fall protection, and especially the safety solution installed directly on the PV substructure, finally convinced Elektro Scherer to rely on INNOTECH for this project as well. In this case, installing the TAURUS rail system directly onto the substructure of the PV system was absolutely essential, because the roof’s load-bearing capacity is restricted, and attachment in the roof cladding was not possible. This approach also has the advantage that the fall protection system itself creates no shadowing whatsoever, which in turn would negatively affect the performance of the panels.

As well as that, the rail system provides the workers with continuous protection in all critical areas on the roof – and in fact without having to detach and re-attach themselves. Christian Scherer also indicates that he is very impressed by the know-how of INNOTECH’s in-house and field service team, and also by the dependability and pace in the delivery of the parts required for the fall protection system. 

Christian Scherer
Head of Photovoltaics Department
Erbach Dellmensingen

For my PV project, it was enormously important that the overall construct was as safe as possible. The systems from other manufacturers were usually far too elaborate and complicated.

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Installation video TAURUS rail system on the photovoltaic substructure from K2 Systems


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Service and expertise

From the outset, the project was therefore planned together with INNOTECH’s in-house service team. In the course of a number of visits, the field service team adapted the fall protection system directly onsite. “Once again, I was convinced by the service orientation of INNOTECH’s entire team. I was able to access them at any time and for any question, and they proved themselves to be very knowledgeable. In addition, not just INNOTECH’s employees, but also its products are extremely flexible”, Christian Scherer recalls about the implementation. And the Elektro Scherer boss also indicated his great satisfaction with the rapid, user-friendly application of all tools and elements of the fall protection system, because not only will it always have to be accessed at least every three months, but also on occasion for unplanned maintenance events or possible malfunctions. 


About Elektro Scherer

In 1952 master electrician Karl Scherer launched his own company, Karl Scherer Elektrische Anlagen in Dellmensingen. In 1995 his daughter Anna Scherer eventually took over the business. Her two sons Karl-Heinz and Jürgen Scherer followed her footsteps and led the company into the next century. Today the company operates as Elektro Scherer e.K. and has long been established as a modern specialist business for electrical installations, data technology, industrial automation, building services (EIB), and lighting.

The team consists of 50 employees – all of whom are masters, technicians, senior fitters, or fitters, as well as commercial staff, and trainees. They advise and support their customers, from planning, to project management, to fabrication and installation of electro-technical solutions – flexibly and with comprehensive know-how. The greatest premise is always maximum quality.



In practical implementations, the installation of a PV system in combination with its fall protection generally creates numerous challenges. For Elektro Scherer's customer, two roofs with a difference in height were equipped with solar panels. A further challenge was the roofs’ reduced load-bearing capacity, which required the fall protection system to be installed directly onto the PV substructure. Christian Scherer and his management team therefore relied on INNOTECH's TAURUS rail system, because it fulfils all relevant requirements and is very flexible in its installation. Contact our experts right away. Together we will find the most suitable fall protection system for your PV installation on a roof.

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