Anchorage equipment unprotected crane construction site

Anchorage equipment

Substructure for photovoltaics with protected roof surface, in sunshine

Substructure for photovoltaics

Wind farm with solar PV renewable energy

Renewable energy and fall protection systems

Solar building with photovoltaic facade

Fall protection for photovoltaic facades

Protective railing secures against falls

Protective railings

Wind power plant Wind power gwo training

GWO Global Wind Organisation

Industrial climber secures the edge of a fall

Industrial climbers

Transition to a roof, protected by TAURUS rail protection system.

Protected transition

No competition for space between fall protection and photovoltaic equipment.

Fall protection systems and the competition for space

The fall factor in fall protection systems illustrated by the example of a stairwell.

Fall factor in fall protection systems

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Roof penetration

Building with rail system tested to CEN/TS 16415, from which 2 people are suspended.

CEN/TS 16415 Multi-person testing

Securing pillars are installed at the transition to the roof.

Securing pillars

In Germany DGUV 112-198 is the prerequisite for the use of anti-fall PPE.

DGUV regulation 112-198

Shock absorbers are used together with personal protective equipment to reduce the shock force during a fall.

Shock absorbers

In Europe, anchor points and anchorage devices on buildings are standardised against EN 795.

EN 795: Fall protection to the European standard

DIBt approval is a quality certification for the German market.

DIBt approval for fall protection systems

Two construction workers discuss the BauV.

BauV – The Construction Workers Protection Regulation in Austria

Lighting protection regulations for fall protection systems save lives.

Protecting fall protection systems against lightning

Fall protection system according to the ASR A2.1 on top of a futuristic building

ASR A2.1 - German rule for protection against falls

A figure and a gavel emphasise the legal regulations for fall protection systems

Legal principles of fall protection

Industrial protection with PPE as fall protection

Industrial protection and industrial safety – the difference

Fall height illustrated by a man standing on top of a building in the mountains.

Fall height

Sign informing about suspension trauma

Suspension trauma

The STOP principle includes protective measures for workplaces with a high hazard potential.

STOP principle

A desk on which a safety concept is made.

Safety concept

Collective fall protection at an airport

Collective fall protection

Fall edges need safety

Fall edge - definition, distance, and protective measures

Individual protection solution from INNOTECH using the example of Chadstone

Individual protection in fall protection systems

Contents rescue concept

Rescue concept for fall protection