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Individual protection in fall protection systems

If just one person is protected against falling, this is called individual protection. The person wears personal protective equipment against falls from a height (anti-fall PPE). This attaches him via a lanyard to an anchorage device. To use anti-fall PPE correctly, anti-fall PPE training is mandatory. Consequently, the prerequisites for individual protection are more demanding than for collective protection.

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With individual protection, the surface right up to the roof edge can be exploited to the full. For this, restraint and fall arrest systems using PPE are the method of choice.

Individual protection solution from INNOTECH using the example of Chadstone

When is individual protection necessary?

Collective protection is not suitable for every situation. On pitched roofs, poles, or - obviously - when working on facadesit is not possible to install something like guardrails, which otherwise would simultaneously and equally protect several or all persons in the danger area. Sometimes, because of spatial circumstances, only individual protection solutions are possible. 

In principle, on a flat roof collective and individual protection can both be used. Different factors affect the selection of the safety solution. These include roof loading, roof penetrations, space on the roof, etc.

However, if work is performed directly at the fall edge , only individual protection solutions are possible: With individual protection, the surface right up to the roof edge can be exploited to the full. For this, restraint and fall arrest systems using PPE are the method of choice.

In practice, an individual protection solution is generally used, particularly for temporary fall protection systems, e.g. when maintaining property adjacent to a skylight on a flat roof.

Fall protection systems using individual protection require specialist knowledge

As already mentioned above, individual protection always requires personal protective equipment to be worn. Alone the donning and correct adjustment requires specialist knowledge - if the PPE is adjusted incorrectly, this can endanger life and limb.

The correct length of the lanyard also cannot be left to estimation, and in fact this requires an exact calculation based on the equipment and the environmental conditions. Anti-fall PPE training is a legal requirement.

In summary: In practice it is exclusively expert users who use individual protection solutions to protect themselves. 



For which applications is individual protection used?

As well as the generally known profession of industrial climber, uses of individual protection solutions include:


A person is moving on a flat roof between photovoltaic panels, secured by individual protection with PPEgA and a rope system.
Practical example of individual protection for two people on a glass façade with the TAURUS rail system

Example in practice - potential individual protection solutions for a photovoltaic system on a flat roof

Increasingly, PV panels are being installed on flat roofs to generate power. Accessibility of the flat roof has therefore gained in importance, as has the necessary fall protection system. For example, if flat roofs are not protected by guardrails (collective protection), then fall protection for individuals is required: individual protection. 

People located on a roof must be protected from fall while installing the PV system, and also subsequently for necessary inspection and maintenance activities. Here, various systems are available for the anchorage device.


Lifeline Systems AIO

Our powerful AIO lifeline system provides a reliable and versatile solution.

The powerful lifeline system that offers a whole host of variants

Whether on a flat or pitched roof, in an industrial environment, in the energy industry, on poles, or in other application areas, the topic of fall protection is ever-present.

Rail System TAURUS

Curves, pitches, sloping positions, and of course straight runs: the TAURUS rail system is as versatile as the potential areas of application.

The strong and flexible rail system TAURUS

The system provides continuous fall protection along the entire run of rail, regardless of where the fall-risk areas are located or how they are arranged.

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