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DIBt approval for fall protection systems

Through its approval for the German market, the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt - German Institute of Construction Technology) ensures quality and safety of construction products. Fall protection systems which have DIBt approval fulfil the highest safety standards. Learn more about this exciting topic in this article.

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DIBt approval means: You can simply rely on this product.

DIBt approval is a quality certification for the German market.

The German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt)

The German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt) is an institution in Germany which is responsible for the approval and assessment of construction products, as well as the awarding of national technical approvals (abZ). As a higher federal authority, the DIBt is under the control of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI).

The DIBt plays a decisive role in ensuring the quality and safety of construction products, and therefore also in the protection of human life. It also strives to continuously develop construction technology in Germany through technical innovations and research projects.


DIBt approval

DIBt approval is an official approbation or confirmation awarded by the German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt). This approval attests that a specific construction product, technology, or construction process fulfils the requirements of German construction regulations, and that it is classified as being safe and of high quality.

To obtain a DIBt approval, manufacturers and developers must subject their products or processes to a comprehensive inspection which takes into account demanding technical and safety-related aspects. The DIBt reviews the documents submitted, carries out tests, and assesses conformance with the applicable construction regulations and standards.

This process includes a comprehensive assessment of the construction product in terms of its

  • technical characteristics
  • exact use in the construction industry
  • environmental sustainability

DIBt approval can be awarded for various construction products, such as building materials, sealing systems, fire protection solutions, insulation systems, fall protection systems, and many more. It is an important tool for maintaining standards in the German construction industry, and for fulfilling the requirements for environmental protection, sustainability, and safety.


Why is DIBt approval so important?

DIBt approval is very important for manufacturers and providers of construction products because it allows them to sell products on the German market and to use them in construction projects which deviate from current European standards. As a rule, construction companies and planners prefer products with such an approval, because it reinforces trust in the safety and quality of the materials and technologies used.

INNO Worth knowing:

DIBt approval is a quality label which creates trust between customers, developers, and planners, and thus significantly facilitates access to the market. However, per se, there is no obligation to obtain DIBt approval!

Products with DIBt approval



Rail system for horizontal use

The TAURUS HORIZONTAL rail system is used wherever movements along a horizontally running pathway need to be protected from a fall risk. Regardless whether along roofs, facades, for overhead use, in industry or in connection with photovoltaic ...


Rail system for vertical use

The TAURUS VERTICAL rail system is used wherever vertical ascents and descents require protection. Regardless whether ladder access, shelving/mast systems (with or without ladder), steel constructions with access systems, or as a means for shaft ...


Rail system for all-round use

The TAURUS ALLROUND rail system combines the application range and benefits of TAURUS HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL in the form of a flowing transition between horizontal and vertical movement. Regardless whether industrial buildings, architecturally ...

The role of the DIBt in standardisation and research

As a respected institution, the DIBt is significantly involved in the development of standards and technical regulations for construction products. It works closely together with national and international forums and organisations, in order to define the state of the art and to improve the quality of construction products.

The DIBt cooperates in the area of technical assessment and standardisation with partners who may unexpectedly already be familiar to users of fall protection systems, through DIN EN 795 or multi-person testing CEN/TS 16415:

The DIBt also implements research projects in order to investigate innovative technologies and materials, and to encourage their use in the construction industry. In this way, the institute contributes to the continuous further development of construction technology in Germany.



The importance of DIBt for fall protection systems

In Europe fall protection systems are certified to specific standards, and they may be purchased and used on this basis. For example, the generally familiar EN designations indicate that a product is safe to use for protection against falls, and that it complies with the legal provisions. For fall protection systems, the standards already mentioned above are some of those forming the basis for this. Thus, for example, the TAURUS rail system is certified to the following standards:

  • EN 795 TYPE D for rail-based safety systems
  • DIN EN 353 for guided type fall arresters
  • Multi-person testing CEN/TS 16415

In the specific example, these standards are all that is required to allow this fall protection system to be used safely throughout Europe within the legal framework.

In addition, testing by the DIBt was chosen for the TAURUS rail-based safety system. This fall protection system therefore not only fulfils the general standards required, but also meets the highest quality criteria, which the German Institute of Construction Technology specifies in addition to the standard.


INNO Summary:

Manufacturers who obtain DIBt approval for their fall protection systems contribute actively to improving safety in the construction industry, and thus to protecting the well-being of life and limb.

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