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2106: 3525-PF

Rail safety system


Rail system for vertical use

The TAURUS VERTICAL rail system is used wherever vertical ascents and descents require protection. Regardless whether ladder access, shelving/mast systems (with or without ladder), steel constructions with access systems, or as a means for shaft entry, it provides optimum fall protection. Using the matching TAURUS-GLEIT-V21 slider, deviations up to a maximum of 15° from the vertical can be secured without any problem. The slider’s ease of movement enables trouble-free movement during ascent and descent, and also ensures an immediate stop in the event of a fall. Here, the integrated energy absorber reduces the forces working upon the user.

  • Broad range of applications thanks to the seamless transition from the vertical to the horizontal plane (without attachment or detachment).
  • Flowing movement during vertical ascent and descent, thanks to the TAURUS GLEIT-V21.
  • Safe shaft entry with the mobile TAURUS-SCE push-on support - enhancement with a rescue attachment for connecting a fall arrest device is also possible.
  • Ascent aid in the form of the TAURUS-STEP, through combining the rail with integrated ladder rungs.
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TAURUS VERTICAL - Technical data

The TAURUS system consists of high-quality alloyed aluminium rails.
This rail, together with the various individual components, such as the specially developed connectors, entry elements, and the special exit and transfer solutions, combine to create a harmonised system.
The system can be attached to a large number of substructures.
If a ladder construction is present, then the rail system can be connected to it directly.
It is also compatible with many INNOTECH anchor points.


Reduction of installation effort
For installation, the maximum fastening separation of 2 metres along a ladder has a positive effect on the whole installation process. When connecting the system to a ladder (up to a maximum rung dimension of Ø 45 mm), a clamping solution is used for fastening, and therefore laborious drilling and damage to the ladder is unnecessary.

Reduction of fall force
The TAURUS-GLEIT-V21 has an integrated energy absorber which reduces the force acting on the user to 6 kN max.

Ascent aid
By means of our TAURUS-STEP components with integrated ladder rungs, the TAURUS-RAIL system be used as an ascent aid.

State of the art certification:

EN 353-1



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Items in this system

6 components available for TAURUS VERTICAL



Rating plate TYP-20 for vertical rail system

The flexible TAURUS rail system from INNOTECH for all substructures provides people in fall-risk locations with the ability to protect themselves optimally.


Rating plate TYP-40 for Allround rail system

The flexible TAURUS rail system from INNOTECH for all substructures provides people in fall-risk locations with the ability to protect themselves optimally.


Rail RAIL-10 for rail system

Rail, straight.


Outer rail bend RAIL-30 for rail systems

Outer rail bend 90 degrees.


Rail connector VB-10 for rail systems

Connector for rail systems.


Rail end closure EA-10 for rail systems

Rail end closure, fixed, for rail systems.


Rail end closure EA-11 for rail systems

Rail end closure, variable, for rail systems.


Entry plate TAURUS-EA-21

Entry plate for safe access to the rail slider.


Vertical rail system STEP-10-1425

Vertical rail system with integrated ladder rungs.


Vertical rail system STEP-10-1995

Vertical rail system with integrated ladder rungs.


Vertical rail system STEP-10-2850

Vertical rail system with integrated ladder rungs.


Exit aid STEP-20

Exit aid for vertical rail systems.


Exit aid, rotatable, STEP-50

Exit aid, rotatable, for vertical rail systems.

Accessory items


Rail fastener BEF-90 for rail systems

Anchorage for ladders.


Fastening set TAURUS-BEF-100

Holding bracket for TAURUS-STEP-10-ST.


Fastening set TAURUS-BEF-101

Holding bracket for TAURUS-STEP-20/50-ST.



Rest platform, hinged.


Rail slider TAURUS-GLEIT-V-21

Rail slider for vertical use.


Slider A-31 for rail systems

The TAURUS GLEIT-A-31 from INNOTECH has been developed as a rail slider for horizontal and vertical use, and includes a shock-absorbing element.