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TAURUS-RAIL safety system

As versatile as the potential areas of application

TAURUS rail system

Fully flexible.
Absolutely free-running.

TAURUS masters almost every architectural characteristic.

TAURUS rail system

Overcomes torsions.

Effortless transition from horizontal to facade use.

The strong, adaptable rail system

The system, made of aluminium rails, for securing persons in fall-risk areas, can beattached to various building components, regardless of the structure of the building.Because of the system’s adaptability, in addition to straight runs, curves, inclines, andtilts present no problems. It therefore provides safety where it is needed. Because ofthe certified testing of very different types of areas of application (horizontal, vertical,all-round), it is suitable for installation on a wide range of substructures


  • Rail can be adapted perfectly tothe constructional conditions
  • High-quality rail design in a wideselection of colour styles
  • Individual fabrication of rail runsonsite also possible using the TAURUS-BEND-10 (rail bendingdevice)
  • The perfect choice for the rope access
TAURUS rail system

Safe transitions.

It is possible to transition from the vertical to the horizontal plane without detaching or reconnecting.

TAURUS rail system

Strong and versatile.

Because of its design, the TAURUS rail system allows a wide fastening distance on a wide variety of substructures.

System variants for the rail system


Rail system for horizontal use

The TAURUS HORIZONTAL rail system is used wherever movements along a horizontally running pathway need to be protected from a fall risk. Regardless whether along roofs, facades, for overhead use, in industry or in connection with photovoltaic ...


Rail system for vertical use

The TAURUS VERTICAL rail system is used wherever vertical ascents and descents require protection. Regardless whether ladder access, shelving/mast systems (with or without ladder), steel constructions with access systems, or as a means for shaft ...


Rail system for all-round use

The TAURUS ALLROUND rail system combines the application range and benefits of TAURUS HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL in the form of a flowing transition between horizontal and vertical movement. Regardless whether industrial buildings, architecturally ...

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Certified tests on substructures of various types make the TAURUS rail system suitable for a wide range of applications.


TAURUS HORIZONTAL - rail system for horizontal application


TAURUS VERTIKAL -  rail system for vertical application


TAURUS ALLROUND -  rail system for allround application


Details of the rail system from INNOTECH

The flexible rail system TAURUS made by INNOTECH® is the ideal solution for securing individuals in fall-risk areas between mobile anchor points or guided type fall arresters. The individual modules including rail connectors and end seals are easy to install. Optional curve and bend elements can be used to adapt the fall protection system to complex constructional conditions.

Moreover, the TAURUS rail system is also the perfect choice for the rope access method. This technique allows individuals to position themselves at hard-to-reach points of a building using ropes and the corresponding safety system in order to perform servicing, installation or cleaning tasks.

The benefits

  • Rail can be adapted perfectly to the constructional conditions
  • High-quality rail design in a wide selection of colour styles
  • Option to fabricate customised rail runs directly on site as well (INNOTECH TAURUS bending device)
  • Ideally suited for the rope access method
ÖAMTC Headquarters Vienna
ÖAMTC Headquarters Vienna

Certification to the latest state of the art

EN 795 TYP D

CEN/TS 16415

EN 353-1


Ideally suited for the rope access method

The rope access method has proven its merits for installation and cleaning tasks in hard-to-reach areas. The TAURUS rail system is the perfect match for this method.

Strong system for the most diverse applications

The design of the TAURUS rail system allows for a wide fastening distance on a large number of substructures. The various slider types with ball bearings (horizontal, vertical, and Allround sliders) run smoothly and reliably. When combined with a matching rail slider serving as a variable anchor point along the length of the rail, the TAURUS rail system is also suitable for abseiling tasks.

Flexible and adjustable

Whether straight or complex: Even complex structures on buildings can be accommodated by the TAURUS rail system thanks to its flexibility. Manifold adjustment options in terms of colour styles and rail runs - the latter can be fabricated directly on site using a bending device - turn the TAURUS into the quintessential safety system.

Video, Photo & PDF

Product video: TAURUS rail protection on photovoltaic system with a substructure from K2 Systems


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Installation video: TAURUS rail safety device
on a substructure from K2 Systems


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