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Aesthetics and safety combined


TAURUS rail system horizontal

The flexible TAURUS HORIZONTAL from INNOTECH, for all substructures, provides people in fall hazard locations with the option of securing themselves optimally to the mobile anchor point or to the guided type fall arrester.



The Lifeline system AIO has been developed as a restraint system, fall arrest system, and rescue system. This well conceived, high- tech concept is ideally suited for complex facade structures, and can be optimally fastened to very different substructures.


Personal protective equipement PSA-STRING

Intuitive use, optimum comfort, top quality: Just some of the characteristics of our anti-fall harness systems. The PPE STRING harness system is available in Basic, Comfort, and Pro models. All harnesses allow optimum freedom of movement and guarantee that the user is caught safely in the event of a fall.


System variants for facades

Every year, hundreds of people suffer accidents on roofs, façades, and other workplaces at height. A large number of these accidents would never have had to happen withsuitable fall protection systems. For many years now, INNOTECH® has been contributing their expertise in this field to the development of the standards that apply to high-quality fall protection systems and offers the right safety system for a wide variety of façades and buildings.


Rail system for horizontal use

The TAURUS HORIZONTAL rail system is used wherever movements along a horizontally running pathway need to be protected from a fall risk. Regardless whether along roofs, facades, for overhead use, in industry or in connection with photovoltaic ...


All-in-one lifeline system, passable, for facade use

The AIO-PASSABLE-FACADE lifeline system is a fall protection system which is deployed on facades, walls, and parapets. The protection of complex facade structures presents no problem to the lifeline system. Thanks to the fasteners specially ...



Intuitive use, optimum comfort, top quality: Just some of the characteristics of our anti-fall harness systems. The PPE STRING harness system is available in Basic, Comfort, and Pro models. All harnesses allow optimum freedom of movement and ...

Fall protection systems between safety and aesthetics

Buildings are as one of a kind as their architects. Façades in particular are a defining factor for the building’s architecture. They tell stories and breathe life into buildings by lending them their dazzling looks. Preserving the singular looks of a building for decades or even centuries requires regular cleaning, maintenance and care. However, the people carrying out these jobs operate in fall-risk areas and need to be secured against falls from a height accordingly.The passable AIO lifeline system and/or the  TAURUS rail system have proven themselves particularly for fall protection on a pitched roof. With the AIO lifeline system,  protection is provided by means of a stainless steel cable, but the TAURUS system uses aluminium rails. Through their  high quality and great versatility, both system are winners, and they can be adapted perfectly to all circumstances on a pitched roof.

It is necessary to strike the right balance between safety and aesthetics if you want to safeguard the beauty of the façade. It is therefore advisable for the architect to make allowances for a corresponding safety system as early as the planning stage. Such a system can be seamlessly incorporated into the façade structure from the very beginning. Following this approach will also save the high additional costs that would be caused by installing a fall protection system after the fact.

INNOTECH®: Your expert for fall protection on façades

As an expert in fall protection, we will not only assist you in the planning of your project from start to finish but also devise the custom solutions that match your individual façade structure perfectly. Our expansive network of partners will help with the installation and servicing of the safety system. A general rule: Bringing on board professionals at the earliest possible stage is the best way to realise a concealed fall protection system with or without the rope access method.


Rope access method for securing façades

The TAURUS rail system allows for straightforward cleaning, maintenance and care, especially on vertical / pitched façades that possess a smooth surface structure. But, even “walkable” (e.g. hanging) façades can be perfectly protected from a fall (from a height). The aluminium rail is mounted along the façade construction and can be positioned in a flexible manner. This versatility makes it possible to secure all types of shapes and model options. Better yet, it can also be installed on a large variety of substructures. Last, but not least, the rail system is also suitable for the rope access method. This technique allows individuals to position themselves at points on the façade that are hard or next to impossible to reach.


TAURUS merges maximum safety with minimum visibility – even in adverse weather conditions. The slim cross section of the rail paired with the option to anodise individual surfaces ensures that the system will not diminish the aesthetics of the building / façade in any way. Safety and aesthetics merge into one and strike the perfect balance between what is necessary and what is pleasing to the eye.


Complex rope access technology from INNOTECH at Axel Springer Headquater in Berlin

Benefits of a fall protection system for facades

  • Maximum safety while performing cleaning, maintenance and care on a vast variety of façade structures.
  • Preservation of the looks of the façade by installing an appropriate fall protection system.
  • Optimum reachability along the entire surface of the façade thanks to the option of utilising the rope access method.
  • Minimum visibility thanks to the slim cross section of the rail and the high-quality rail design in a wide selection of colour styles.

TAURUS: The foremost choice among fall protection systems for facades

The rail system TAURUS by INNOTECH® merges all known benefits in one product and measures up to the challenges faced by architects, property owners, facility managers, etc. The powerful and versatile system is capable of handling nearly any type of architectural peculiarity and delivers the highest possible level of safety to individuals whose maintenance or cleaning responsibilities require them to work in the fall-risk area.


Challenges to be met by façade safety systems

  • Retention of the building’s visual appearance

    Although it should not, it happens in more cases than not: an unsuitable or wrongly chosen fall protection system interferes with the look of a building and its façade. It should be the prime objective to base the choice of safety system on how well it will blend in with the structure of the façade - both with visual appeal and in an unobtrusive way.

  • High cost

    Unless the fall protection system is factored in as early as the planning stage, technical shortcomings such as building transitions, projections, etc. may require custom designs that will add significant extra cost. Timely planning may help prevent this from happening.

  • Complex buildings

    Complex façades and building structures require very specific fall protection systems. They must adapt perfectly to the contours of the building.

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