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Loading and unloading industry

Fall protection for loading and unloading transport vehicles


Lifeline system AIO

The AIO LIFELINE SYSTEM PASSABLE OVERHEAD from INNOTECH has been developed as a restraint, fall arrest, and rescue system.



The flexible TAURUS HORIZONTAL from INNOTECH, for all substructures, provides people in fall hazard locations with the option of securing themselves optimally to the mobile anchor point or to the guided type fall arrester.


PSA Personal protective equipment

Intuitive use, optimum comfort, top quality: Just some of the characteristics of our anti-fall harness systems. The PPE STRING harness system is available in Basic, Comfort, and Pro models. All harnesses allow optimum freedom of movement and guarantee that the user is caught safely in the event of a fall.


Cars, trains, ships, and aircraft are used as transport and auxiliary vehicles, both in the commercial sphere and in public service. Classic examples include HGVs and railway wagons for logistics, as well as water, air, and transport vehicles in a port or hangar. Large transport vehicles are also used as emergency vehicles for fire brigades and civil protection. In the course of loading and unloading work, and also when securing the load, specialist workers move in the vicinity of the transport vehicles, and even upon them – and therefore sometimes at dangerous heights. Equally, regular inspection and cleaning tasks are performed on or very close to the vehicles.

In professional workshops with adequate space, stages, ramps, or platforms are used for the maintenance and inspection of transport vehicles. Where this is not possible, a system to protect against falls is required. This is mounted either overhead or directly on the vehicle. In addition – especially for modest fall heights – special personal protective equipment (PPE) can be used. INNOTECH® provides systems for securing individuals and groups of people under very varied spatial conditions.


All-in-one lifeline system, passable, for overhead use

The AIO PASSABLE OVERHEAD LIFELINE SYSTEM is deployed wherever a horizontal overhead must be protected. Regardless whether along a maintenance walkway or in the area of machine safeguarding, the lifeline system can be relied upon to protect ...


Rail system for horizontal use

The TAURUS HORIZONTAL rail system is used wherever movements along a horizontally running pathway need to be protected from a fall risk. Regardless whether along roofs, facades, for overhead use, in industry or in connection with photovoltaic ...



Intuitive use, optimum comfort, top quality: Just some of the characteristics of our anti-fall harness systems. The PPE STRING harness system is available in Basic, Comfort, and Pro models. All harnesses allow optimum freedom of movement and ...

Specific danger situation with transport vehicles

In the wide range of applications which makes up the transport industry, the local circumstances and the vehicles differ greatly: In a port, the conditions vary significantly from those in a logistics company. However, the same applies everywhere: For loading and unloading, as well as for servicing, inspection, and cleaning, the law requires safety measures for the persons performing these tasks.


From a height of 2 metres and more, fall protection is mandatory. However, below this height, and especially in the 1 to 2 metre height range, the risks of a fall are often underestimated. We call this the illusion of safety.

Special features of the transport vehicles application area:

  • In comparison with other application areas – such as the roof of an industrial hall – the surfaces of vehicles upon which activities are carried out are significantly smaller. Here, because of the small surface, one careless step backwards is more likely to result in a fall.
  • Transport vehicles are loaded and unloaded in all weathers. With the exception of halls and workshops, weather-related slipping represents an additional danger source.

Three fall protection solutions in the transport sector

Transport vehicles differ greatly in their size and height – for example, an HGV is generally much higher than a car. In addition, loading and servicing activities may be performed indoors in protected conditions, or else outdoors in any weather. The more extensive the range of transport applications and uses, the more logically structured are the ideal safety solutions from INNOTECH®:

TAURUS ALLROUND - BASF loading and unloading station
TAURUS ALLROUND - BASF loading and unloading station

Advantages of a fall protection system for a transport vehicle

  • Real safety instead of the illusion of safety: Falling from a vehicle can have consequences of similar severity to falling from a house roof. A professional fall protection system fully protects all people working on or at a transport vehicle.
  • Simultaneous servicing of several transport vehicles: A continuous system, such as the AIO passable overhead lifeline system, is installed along the hall in the roof structure. This allows servicing of several vehicles, using just a single fall protection system.
  • Flexibility of installation: The INNOTECH® fall protection systems can be installed on steel, concrete, and various other substructures. They therefore adapt to the local circumstances.
  • Safety combined with optimum freedom of movement: A fall protection system must protect without having a simultaneous negative effect on working operations. The attachment of INNOTECH® fall protection systems overhead or directly on the vehicle means that you remain flexible in your movements.

Challenges for fall protection systems for transport systems and vehicles:

  • Underestimation of the danger: The apparently low height of an HGV or other vehicle creates an illusion of safety results in underestimation of the fall risk and possible consequences.
  • Location-independent fall protection, even outdoors: If a permanently installed fall protection system, such as an overhead solution, is not possible, then a solution directly on the vehicle is required.
  • Restricted spatial circumstances: Spatial conditions vary, and cannot always be covered by a standard solution. The fall protection system must therefore be individually adaptable.
  • Modest fall heights: Standards do not prescribe a mandatory fall protection system for modest heights. However, to ensure increased protection in the event of a fall, an airbag vest solution is available for heights up to 2 metres.
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