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Installation and maintenance

Safety which proves itself.

Installation and maintenance

Safety which proves itself.

Professional installation and maintenance of the highest quality

In the event of a failure, an incorrectly installed or inappropriately maintained fall prevention system can have serious or even fatal consequences. In addition, an incorrect installation may require a costly repair or replacement.


From the very start, insist on professional installation and maintenance in order to ensure safety and prevent expensive failures.


Requirements for an INNOTECH fitter:

  • Professional experience of the attachment process and the anchorage equipment
  • Qualification to secure himself/herself expertly
  • Ability to create the installation documentation
  • Ability to evaluate the actual installation situation and the substructure



In order to ensure that the various products are used correctly, we provide onsite instruction and training sessions for the safety systems.

Innovative products installed professionally


INNOTECH installation partners are certified and have many years’ experience in the installation of INNOTECH products. In addition, regular training sessions guarantee that our partners comply with the most demanding installation and maintenance requirements, and therefore that you can rely completely on your protective equipment or fall prevention system.


Timely final inspection as per your requirements


During the final inspection our partners can simultaneously complete the corresponding installation documentation onsite. If required, an INNOTECH employee performs the final inspection together with the building owner or person responsible for the building.


On the spot, you receive a maintenance contract valid for five years. Equally, an annual inspection by an INNOTECH expert ensures that your protective equipment remains in top condition.

Flexible support during installation


There is no difficulty finding a certified partner close to your location, because INNOTECH has a widespread network. This avoids delays, because the journey to your site is correspondingly short.


If the fitter is not yet a partner, then INNOTECH employees come to you in order to instruct the fitters onsite, and at the same time to ensure that the installation is performed professionally.