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Fall protection systems for industry, roof work, & craftsmen



Aesthetics and safety combined.


Pitched roof

The right fall protection system for every roof.



Individualised safety systems tailored to requirements.



Extraordinary loads require special systems.


Automotive industry

Systems for overhead use or for protection directly on the vehicle.


PV/flat roof

Flexible solutions in many variants, for maximum safety.



Fall-through protection with our individually adaptable systems.


Roof railings

The universally usable collective protection with adaptable colours.


High-level racks

A suitable system for every height.


Shaft entry

For safe entry and exit from every shaft.


Transmission lines

Perfectly secured ascent and descent - from the ground up.


Wind turbines

A smooth transition in perfect safety.



Safety - thanks to the flexible, individually configurable system.



Permanently mounted safety systems for ascent and descent on ladders.


Guardrail System BARRIER

The variable railing system. As collective protection, the BARRIER guardrail system eliminates the danger which results from an edge.

The variable railing system

When accessing areas at height, edges (such as roof edges, working platforms, etc.) represent a danger area. One option for securing this danger area, both for construction work and for later servicing and maintenance tasks, consists of installing a guardrail system.

Modular fall prevention system for windows MFS

A safety system for windows and doors.

Modular fall prevention system for windows MFS

The MFS modular fall prevention system helps to mitigate these situations, and ensures the user’s safety.

Skylight Protection System LIGHT

Skylights or strip lights are often installed to allow sufficient light to penetrate areas beneath flat roofs.

The protection system for skylights and strip lights

With the LIGHT skylight protection system, Innotech provides simple and effective safety without impairing the light penetration.

Anchor Points EAP / SDH

Because of the very wide variety in fall-risk areas, individual forms of fall protection are necessary.

Secure connection of system/anchorage eye to substructure

A single anchorage is created in combination with an anchorage eye. ANCHOR POINTS can also be used to attach systems (cable or rail security systems) to many types of substructures.

Lifeline Systems AIO

Our powerful AIO lifeline system provides a reliable and versatile solution.

The powerful lifeline system that offers a whole host of variants

Whether on a flat or pitched roof, in an industrial environment, in the energy industry, on poles, or in other application areas, the topic of fall protection is ever-present.

Rail System TAURUS

Curves, pitches, sloping positions, and of course straight runs: the TAURUS rail system is as versatile as the potential areas of application.

The strong and flexible rail system TAURUS

The system provides continuous fall protection along the entire run of rail, regardless of where the fall-risk areas are located or how they are arranged.

Temporary Protection TEMP

On construction sites or in industry there are situations where temporary fall protection is required.

Safety systems for special situations

The mobile systems adapt themselves individually to very varied fastening options, such as round columns, steel construction, wooden structures, etc.

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Whether on roofs, scaffolding, ladders, facades, or other fall-risk areas, compliant high-quality equipment for fall protection is an absolute must.

Secure connection between user and safety system

Our PPE personal protective equipment creates a secure connection between user and fall protection systems. Depending on application and situation, it provides optimum comfort, and impresses through its top quality.

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