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Experts for special solutions
for 20 years

Individual fall prevention systems which start where the standard solutions stop

Experts for special solutions
for 20 years

Individual fall prevention systems which start where the standard solutions stop

Special solutions – as unique as your needs

INNOTECH provides a wide range of innovative fall prevention systems. In specific cases, the respective structural circumstances require an individual solution in order to ensure safe and unrestricted access.


The TOA department develops concepts which integrate perfectly into the architecture of any building form, with the result that your employees are optimally secured while performing their work.


When does a special fall prevention system make sense?

  • For unusual forms of architecture
  • On building structures with particularly demanding dimensions
  • On buildings constructed of materials which are delicate or require special care

We look beyond the roof edge to find innovative and unique special solutions for you.

Fall prevention systems which adapt to the architecture


Thanks to many years’ experience, the employees in our TOA department possess extensive specialist knowledge about the planning, design, and production of special solutions. For the customer, this means cost savings as well as specially designed fall prevention equipment.


Know-how that saves costs and effort


Because of its many years’ experience, our team is familiar with many “difficulties” which may be new to our customers. That’s why we can often solve apparently complex challenges in no time at all. As the interface between several departments, the TOA team is fully in the know at every phase of the project. This keeps our installation team completely up-to-date about the specific requirements for the building: Even for the most demanding jobs, the customer is therefore ensured a professional and rapid installation.

Your reliable support partner


TOA represents an interface between several departments, and therefore always abreast of the latest information. In addition, we are represented on the standards committee and jointly involved in product tests – the latest innovations complying with the most current standards are available to our customers.


The TOA department consists of numerous technicians and designers, and for more than 20 years has worked exclusively with special fall prevention systems. Our experienced employees visit the location in advance, in order to obtain a detailed picture of the constructional conditions. We develop special products in our up-to-the-minute test lab, and then test them on our own testing tower, so that we can provide the best solutions to our customers.


Safe is safe


A fall prevention system individually designed by our TOA department allows safe overall access that you can rely on. We accept 100% responsibility for the projects which we have approved. TOA is a reliable service that does not stop once the installation is complete – our technical information is available to INNOTECH customers at any time.