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The most sought after information about fall protection at a glance.

Any questions?
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At INNOTECH we provide you with advice and support. Here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answers about our products and services. Our database is extended regularly based on enquiries to our employees. Thus you get a quick response to current issues and are always up-to-date. If any of your questions remain still unanswered, please contact us here.

At INNOTECH no open questions remain.


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Fall protection systems

Do I need a fall protection system on my roof?

For recurring roof maintenance work, lasting longer than one day, a fall protection system is required. This regulation is also valid for private and family homes.

Do I have to upgrade older buildings with fall protection systems?

For recurring maintenance work, lasting longer than one day, a fall protection should be upgraded.

Fall protection is a very complex topic. Can INNOTECH support me in any way?

General information about fall protection can be found in our glossary and here in the FAQ's. Detailed information about our products are shown in the Product-Finder. If you need any further data you can get in touch with us by using our contact form.

Product information

In what way INNOTECH products differ from others?

Our products are considered as quality leaders in the range of fall protection systems and are subject to continous innovation and optimization processes.

Through close cooperation with the Austrian AUVA we can further ensure that our products comply with the highest safety requirements. With our product portfolio we are capable to realize post distances up to 15m and can offer special solutions for particularly demanding projects.


How do I find the right system for my property?

The choice of an appropriate fall protection system is related to many factors. Firstly the specification of the customer plays an important role and on the other hand the legal requirements have to be considered. Further information can be found in the planning guidelines of the AUVA or in our documents. These are available for download in our mediacenter.  


How can I maintain an INNOTECH system?

Our INNOTECH fall protection system must be kept in perfect conditions - free of dirt, oil and ice.


The system must not be used, if:

  • damages or erosions are visible on any of the components
  • any other shortcomings were detected (e.g. loose screws, deformations, corrosion)
  • a fall into the system happened (exception: initial aid)
  • the product labelling is illegible

How long do you give guarantee on your products?

We give 2 years manufacturing guarantee on INNOTECH products.

Where do I find further product information?

Detailed information, indications about product suitability, installation, inspection and many other instructions can be found in the product description, which is available to download under the respective product in our Product-Finder.



Your way to INNOTECH

Who is my contact person for technical problems, business-related questions or questions about the product?

If you have any further questions feel free to contact your sales representative or your responsible project engineer.


How can I become an INNOTECH partner company?

In this case please contact your responsible sales representative in order to examine ways to achieve synergies and cooperation options and accompanies you on the way to become INNOTECH partner.

Where can I buy INNOTECH products?

Our products can be requested via our website or the responsible sales representative. Furthermore you can contact the sales administration or your project engineer of the respective branch.

Where can I find the INNOTECH trade partners?

Information about the INNOTECH distributors is available on request at your responsible sales representative or project engineer.

How can I become an INNOTECH customer?

Please refer to your responsible sales representative for this purpose. After your request one of our employees will arrange a meeting with you. Beginning from your first order you are managed as a customer in our system.


In which countries can INNOTECH products be used?

INNOTECH products have, as one of the few fall protection systems on the maket, all essential certifations and legal requirements and can therefore be installed worldwide. The certificates are available for download under the respective product in the Product-Finder.


Planning of fall protection systems

Does INNOTECH offer support for the planning of fall protection systems?

INNOTECH is happy to support you with the planning of your fall protection system. Please send your query, depending on the area, directly to the responsible sales representative or project engineer. According to nature, scale and geographic location of the project we will possibly refer you to one of our partner companies.

With INNO|plan, we have also developed a planning tool with which you can easily and efficiently plan efficient solutions for your fall protection system yourself.

What does the planning of my project cost?

The planning of the projects is basically free of charge. In exceptional cases (in the case of large-scale projects or increased effort due to missing information), a fee may be charged.

What kind of information do you need for the planning of a project?

In order to realise the planning in a fast and correct way, we definitely need the following information: The project address, building plans or sections and information about the roof surface, roof inclination and roof structure.

How long does the planning of the project take?

The planning of your projects will take, depending on the capacity of our team, from entrance of your request about 3 to 4 working days.

Installation of fall protection systems

Where can I find information about the installation of my fall protection system?

The relevant information can either be found in the product description or in the installation sheet, that is available for download under the respective product in our Product-Finder. 

Who is permitted to install fall protection systems?

The installation of fall protection systems must only be performed by qualified personnel. Information about how this qualification can be ensured, can be found in our glossary under the term Qualified person.

What do I have to consider after the installation of a fall protection system?

After the installation a proper documentation of the system is required. Further information can be foung in our glossary.


Why should I use INNO|doc?

By using our web-app INNO|doc the documentation and inspection effort can be extremely reduced. The entire process is digitised and therefore faster, clearer and easier to handle.

Who is permitted to document a system with INNO|doc?

Since this a documentation of the installation process, only the installers of the system are permitted to perform this mandatory records.

What do I have to capture for the photo documentation?

It is especially important that not only the anchor points itself are shown, but also the attachments on the ground. If there is more than one anchor point, the anchorage devices have to be numbered. In order to make the inspection easier, the numberation should be adopted into the inspection protocol of the anchorage device and the diagrammatic layouts of the installation surface.


To whom do I have to hand over the finished installation documentation?

After the installation the documents should be handed over to the user or the building owner. For the purpose of the following inspections of the anchorage device, the documents should be stored in the building.

Can I also use INNO|doc for the inspection of existing systems?

If the installation documentation was initially done with INNO|doc this is possible at any time.


How is the delivery of INNOTECH products handled?

Depending on the order quantity and size of the products, the delivery is either handled via parcel service or a logistics company.

How long is the delivery period after placing an order?

The delivery period depends on the delivery region and the actual country, but in general the standard shipping in Austria takes about 2-3 working days. If you wish a fixed date of delivery, you can announce the desired delivery date in the course of your order.

Where is my delivery and when can I expect it to arrive?

The exact delivery date of your order can be announced to you on request by the administration of the respective branch.

How does the return of products work?

If you miscalculated a project, or you accidentally ordered the wrong produc you can return unrequired goods and pay only for what you use. In order to provide this level of service at the usual high standards we have to charge a manipulation fee of 20% of the goods value.

My delivery has been damaged during the transport process. How is the further procedure?

If you notice any damage, depending on the degree of damage, you can refuse to accept the delivery or note the nature of damage on the delivery note. Ideally, there would be an immediate photo documentation of the transit damages. For placing your complaints please contact your responsible sales person or our administration in the respective branch.

Legal foundations

Where can I find the legal foundations for the documentation obligation?

ÖNORM Z 1700


This ÖNORM regulates the content of the installation protocols of stationary anchorage devices. In the absence of other guidelines, this safety-related minimum requirements are state-of-the-art according § 3 ASchG. The builder of anchorage devices has to prove, that the given forces can be absorbed according to ÖNORM EN 795.


The handover certificate shall contain the following information:
- Name of the builder
- Product name of the anchorage device

- Date of the installation of the anchorage device

- Identification of the anchorage device
- the maximum number of the attachable persons

- Description of the underground structure and the used anchoring system 
- Information with regard to inspection considering environmental influences.


If an important information is missing, the required data has to be determined in the course of an initial testing. Horizontal anchorage systems have to undergo an acceptance test according to manufacturer specification which has to be documented.


EN 795:2012 A.2.3


Explanations of the competent expert fitter should be signed by him/her and contain, at a minimum, information that the anchorage device:

- has been installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions

- was carried out in accordance with the plan
- was fastened to the specified substructure
- has been fastened as specified (e.g. number of bolts, correct materials, right position/location, etc.)
- was ordered in accordance to the data supplied by the manufacturer
- was delivered together with photographic information/documents, in particular, of fasteners (e.g. bolts) and the underlying substructure, which are no longer visible after completion of the installation.

Do I have to be certified in order to install INNOTECH systems?

A certification is only required for the installation of our all-in-one (AIO) systems. You can obtain this certificate in the course of our 2-day expert training at our INNO|school

Do I have to train my employees in the safe use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for fall protection?

The obligation to instruct and inform is defined in the Austrian Labour Protection Act (ASchG).

§ 7. (1) Employers have to inform and instruct their employees, who have to use personal protective equipment, according to §§ 12 and 14 ASchG prior to the first use in an annual interval. The instruction needs to be done by trainings and if necessary practical exercises.

Welche Risiken gehen Betriebe ein, deren Mitarbeiter Arbeiten mit persönlicher Schutzausrüstung gegen Absturz (PSAgA) ausführen, ohne dass diese unterwiesen sind?

  • Durch unsachgemässe Verwendung von PSAgA können sich Benutzer schwerwiegende Verletzungen zufügen.
  • Nach einem Unfall kann ein Strafverfahren gegen den Arbeitgeber oder eine andere beteiligte Person hinsichtlich fahrlässige oder grobfahrlässige Körperverletzung bzw. Tötung erfolgen.
  • Bei Arbeitsplatzkontrollen durch die AUVA oder ein Arbeitsinspektorat werden je nach angetroffener Situation die Arbeiten eingestellt, die Betriebe ermahnt und erforderliche Massnahmen vereinbart.
  • Nach einem Unfall besteht die Möglichkeit, dass ein Geschädigter oder seine Angehörigen Haftpflichtansprüche gegenüber dem Arbeitgeber geltend machen wollen.

Product safety & inspections

In which intervals the fall prevetion systems have to inspected?

The safety of the user depends on the effectiveness and durability of the equipment. For this reason INNOTECH systems have to be inspected at least annually by a qualified and trained person. The annual inspection is necessary in order to detect and, if possible, fix weather-related defects, changes in the building structure, ageing effects, material fatigue and misapplications. The inspection by the qualified or trained person has to be documented in the inspection record.

What does documentation obligation mean?

In general the is a documentation obligation for the installation and maintenance of fall prevention system. The documentation is especially important for recurring inspection of anchorage points and system points in fall prevention systems. Firstly you need a complete installation documentation, complemented with detailed pictures of the attachments,in order to enable an easy inspection of the system. The documentation is mandatory, as the anchoring of the devices is often unvisible subsequently. Therefore a photo documentation is a fixed component of the documents. If there is no sufficient information about the installation, complex initial tests have to be done where, if necessary, the roof covering has to be opened

Does personal protective equipment (PPE) and fall arresters also have to be inspected?

For the maintenance of personal protective equipment, fall arresters, climbing protection, permanent anchorage devices and rescue equipment the requirements of the respective manufacturer have to be taken into account.

When does a system have to be blocked?

If a fall in the system happened, there is no documentation or if there are defects during the inspection process, the system has to be blocked for further use.

INNO|school - our diverse training program

What content is trained at the INNO|school?

We have extended and optimized our training program for you, whereby our diverse trainings are still focused on fall prevention and work safety. Besides our expert training we also offer lightning protection trainings, rescue trainings and trainings for personal protective equipment for fall prevention. Further information can be found here.

Can I install and inspect competitive products with my INNO|school certificate?

If a fall in the system happened, the documentation is missing or any defects were determined during the inspections, the system has to be blocked.

Can I inspect existing systems and anchorage devices with my INNO|school certificate?

The inspection of existing INNOTECH systems can easily be done after successfully completing our expert training.

What is the difference between INNO|school and INNO|training?

The INNO|training is, in contrast to the INNO|school, done at customers' site. The participants get a certificate with a validity of 18 months. Within that timeframe you have the possibility to complete the expert training at our INNO|school in order to catch up on the remaining modules.

I have already completed a training at INNOTECH. When do I have repeat it?

In order to fulfill our high quality standards, our certificates have a validity of 3 years. After that period you have to register for a refreshment of your knowledge at the INNO|school in order to be still authorised to install INNOTECH products.

Do I have to wear work clothes for the training?

Work clothes or safety shoes are not necessary. You should only wear suitable clothes for the given weather conditions as there will be a tour on the roof.

How is the accommodation organised?

In the future you can easily book your stay in the hotel of your choice or in one of our INNOTECH partner hotels. With your registration confirmation you will get an additional discount in the following hotels:


Grünbergwirt, 4810 Gmunden
T: +43 7612 87485
Altmünsterhof, 4813 Altmünster
T: +43 7612 77700


INNO|school - our diverse training program

How is the accommodation organised?

In the future you can easily book your stay in the hotel of your choice or in one of our INNOTECH partner hotels. With your registration confirmation you will get an additional discount in the following hotels:


Grünbergwirt, 4810 Gmunden
T: +43 7612 87485
Altmünsterhof, 4813 Altmünster
T: +43 7612 77700