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2036: 3510-PF

Skylight/strip light protection using net


LIGHT skylight protection system

The LIGHT-FLEX skylight protection system from INNOTECH is a flexible, robust safety solution for many types of skylights, especially for longer light elements such as strip lights. Because it is a net, LIGHT-FLEX can be implemented in any desired size, and is especially suitable for long strip lights, for example in industrial warehouses. The system variant is a winner because it is quick and easy to install on steel, concrete, plastic, or wood substructures. The fall-through protection is installed within the skylight or strip light. In combination with an optimum mesh width, LIGHT-FLEX ensures reliable fall-through protection and unrestricted incident light, as well as smoke extraction.

  • Flexible installation of fall-through protection on open and closed skylights.
  • The system is sold by the metre, and can be installed up to any length.
  • Simple to install or retrofit.
  • Especially also for the protection of strip lights.
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The LIGHT-FLEX skylight protection net made from galvanised steel can be ordered in any length and width. Because it can be overlapped during installation, it is especially suitable for longer strip lights. In addition, even strip lights with a smoke and heat extraction mechanism can be installed by means of a special rail, and with cut-outs.


  • Variable section sizes for opening mechanism.
  • Variable size adjustment, even during the installation.
  • Various fastening options on steel, wood, concrete, and plastic.

State of the art certification:


DIN EN 1263-1:2015

DIN EN 1873:2016


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7 components available for LIGHT-FLEX-SKYLIGHT PROTECTION NET



Skylight protection system LIGHT-FLEX

The flexible LIGHT-FLEX collective fall-through protection from INNOTECH can be implemented in any desired dimensions, and is a robust solution for very varied types of skylights and strip lights.

Rating plate FLEX-TYP for skylight protection sy

The flexible LIGHT-FLEX collective fall prevention system from INNOTECH can be implemented in any desired dimensions, and is a robust solution for very varied types of skylights and strip lights.

Accessory items


Screw carabiner LIGHT-FLEX-KARI

Screw carabiner.


Stiffening rail LIGHT-FLEX-RWA-01-1165

Stiffening rail.


Stiffening rail LIGHT-FLEX-RWA-01-1525

Stiffening rail.


Stiffening rail LIGHT-FLEX-RWA-01-1900

Stiffening rail.


Fastening holder LIGHT-FLEX-BEF-02

Fastening holder.


Beam clamp LIGHT-FLEX-BEF-40

Beam clamp.


Fastening holder LIGHT-FLEX-BEF-01

Fastening holder.