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2026: 3508-PF

A safety system for windows and doors


MFS modular fall prevention system for windows

The MFS modular fall prevention system for windows is used wherever a fall risk exists at open windows or wall openings. Regardless whether for standard windows, windows with demanding dimensions, wall openings, or windows in listed buildings, the window fall protection system provides reliable protection against falls. In particular the modular system components, i.e. the retractable telescopic rods, ensure a high level of flexibility, because these allow the system to be adapted to different window widths. The MFS can be assembled specifically to meet your requirements. Depending on the actual situation, there is a choice between two installation variants: clamping or drilling. For clamped attachment, the clamps are rubberised, and this ensures that attachment of the fall protection system leaves no residues or traces on the window frame. Attachment by drilling is recommended for permanent protection against falls from a window.

  • Flexible safety system, because it can be adapted and extended to new circumstances/windows at any time, thanks to the modular system components.
  • Individuality, because the system is configured to suit your needs or use case.
  • Quick and simple installation, thanks to the prefabricated individual system components which can be easily stowed and transported, thanks to the compact design.
  • Even greater safety, through the addition of an MFS-NET-81 net, made from durable plastic.
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MFS SYSTEM - Technical data

The MFS system consists of high-quality system components, such as the push-in sleeve, the rack and perforated rod, the post, the engage/slide module and, depending on the attachment type, the clamp at the side or the plug-in module. The retractable telescopic rods made of aluminium can be attached to the respective window frame or wall opening in two ways – by clamping or drilling. For both attachment variants, installation takes only a few actions, and depends on the characteristics of the components.


Modular system components
Because of the individual system components, the MFS system can be extended or adapted to the existing situation at any time

Immediate availability of replacement parts
The individual system components can be reordered and delivered at any time as required.

No need for personal protective equipment
Because the MFS system is classified as a collective protection system, no personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when using the fall prevention system for windows.

State of the art certification:

EN 13374:2019


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                                          MFS PUSH-IN SLEEVE

                                          PUSH-IN SLEEVE


                                          MFS LOCKING MODULE

                                          LOCKING MODULE


                                          MFS SLIDE MODULE

                                          SLIDE MODULE


                                          MFS CLAMP LATERAL

                                          CLAMP LATERAL


                                          MFS PLUG-IN MODULE

                                          PLUG-IN MODULE


                                          MFS RACK


                                          MFS PERFORATED ROD

                                          PERFORATED ROD


                                          MFS POST


                                          MFS CARRYING BAG

                                          CARRYING BAG


                                          MFS NET