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1646: 654-PF

UNIVERSALPOST Quadrat as a single anchor point and intermediate post


Unipost QUAD-11

The QUAD-11 universal post from INNOTECH can be used as a single anchor point and also as a system post in the AIO lifeline system.

Universally usable as a single anchor point or system post.

Fastening spaces up to 15 m are possible in the lifeline system.

There is a suitable fastening set for every substructure.

Perfect as an intermediate post for INNOTECH® lifeline systems.

Single anchor point for 3 people with UNI-EAP-10-25.

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QUAD-11 - Technical data

Mountable on: concrete, hollow core concrete, wood, trapezoidal supporting sheet

Post heights: 300/400/500/600 mm, Ø 16 mm

Base plate dimensions: 235 x 235 x 4 mm

Material: stainless steel (AISI 304)



State of the art certification:

EN 795:2012 TYP A und C

CEN/TS 16415:2017

DIBt Z-14.9-732


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Items in this system

11 components available for QUAD-11

                                          Accessory items


                                          Universal anchorage eye UNI-EAP-10-25

                                          Universal anchorage eye UNI-EAP-10-25 from INNOTECH.


                                          Sealing sleeve with shrink tube

                                          Sealing sleeve for POINT and QUAD.


                                          Sealing sleeve with shrink tube

                                          Sealing sleeve for POINT and QUAD.


                                          Fastening set BEF-103

                                          Fastening set on concrete/hollow concrete slab.


                                          Fastening set BEF-111

                                          Fastening set on concrete.


                                          Fastening set BEF-104-A4

                                          Fastening set on concrete.


                                          Fastening set BEF-205

                                          Fastening set on wood - sandwich construction.



                                          Fastening set BEF-209-A2

                                          Fastening set on solid wood ceilings


                                          Fastening set BEF-307

                                          Fastening set on OSB panel/trapezoidal supporting sheet.

                                          Adapter strip BEF-307-3

                                          Adapter strip for QUAD-13 on trapezoidal supporting sheet.


                                          Fastening BEF-501-A2

                                          Universal fastener, trapezoidal supporting sheet.