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Kepa Vitoria




"15 years ago we started our journey in the world of anti-fall systems. Initially, we worked with different brands, which served as experience to know the strengths and weaknesses of different manufacturers in terms of quality, warranty, technical service, delivery time, after-sales service, etc.
In 2008 we met Innotech and since then we have been faithful to the brand. Product and service quality have always been our priority, and with Innotech we have reached an unbeatable level of collaboration.
If, in addition to a professional team, you find a human team that defends the same values that we defend from Adekua, success is guaranteed.”

Michael Kammerer

CEO, KronSafety 



"Da wir seit Jahren für unsere Speziallösungen bekannt sind, brauchen wir einen starken Partner an unserer Seite der auch außerhalb des Standartsortiments flexibel genug ist um unseren Anforderungen zu entsprechen – diesen haben wir in Innotech gefunden."

Daniel Militaru

Technical Director, EOLICA 



"Since our very beginning, Innotech succeeded to exceed our expectation combining in an unique way the personnel professionalism with the quality of the products - extended portfolio, high quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery."

Uros Erculj

CEO, EU Safety 



"We started cooperating with the company INNOTECH because they always offered us the appropriate technical solution for even the most problematic situation. They are great specialists in the field of height protection systems and have a wide range of products and solutions in such a specific program. All employees are extremely responsive and friendly and offer great support. You never get the feeling you're left to your own devices. All of the above is also reflected in our customers, as only they quickly realize that INNOTECH is the right choice."