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The BARRIER guardrail provides

maximum safety on the roof.  

BARRIER is a versatile product with different possible uses in collective side protection, which in the standard version can be tilted as well as adjusted in height. The uncomplicated, quick assembly and the option of perforation-free installation makes the product a flexible all-rounder which blends in with the building´s aesthetics in an extremely pleasing way. The high-quality railings are manufactured from weatherresistant aluminium, and fulfil the most demanding architectural requirements, through a varyingly adjustable inclination.


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The advantages of BARRIER at a glance

  • Universal perforation-free application options - standardized range.

  • Pitch adjustable to 90° and 75°; hinged at 15° - no disruptive factor in the optics and architecture of the building.

  • Short installation time and simple assembly without creation of shavings - no formation of cold bridges, roof skin and insulation are not injured.

  • Low load, thanks to maximum post separation of 2.2 m - low static load on the roof.

  • 100% plasticiser-free (integrated release layer) - no damage of the roof skin.

  • Concrete weight 2x 12.5 kg; stackable, ergonomic carrying system - easy storage, handling & transport.

  • Certification to the latest state of the art - highest product safety guaranteed.
    EN 13374:2019
    EN ISO 14122-3:2001
    DIN 14094-2:2007

30% faster assembly by optimising the individual components


The BARRIER guardrail has been optimised and is therefore particularly characterised by a 30% reduction in assembly time. This was achieved through the consistent further development of the product components, in particular through an optimised pipe holder, improved end and corner connectors and a reduction in the number of assembly tools. The properties of the product enable therefore quick, chip-free installation on the roof and an uncomplicated assembly.

Planning the system with open corners leads to significant time and cost savings in the assembly process.

Universal, roof perforation-free applications


The BARRIER product is particularly impressive due to its wide range of uses and can not only be used as a guardrail, but is also suitable for securing skylights or as an escape route system, whereby level differences of up to 125mm can be perfectly compensated. The roof perforation-free fall protection solution can either be attached directly to the attic or with the help of a concrete weight. The stackable weights enable easy storage, optimised handling and can be invisibly integrated in the green roof if required. The maximum upright distance of 2.2 m leads to a lower load on the roof and enables a reduction in delivery and storage volume by 20% compared to other railing systems.

A visually appealing safety system


In order to preserve the aesthetics of the building, it is possible to completely fold down the BARRIER system or adjust the inclination to an angle of 75° or 90°. Two standardised coating levels make the product an inconspicuous companion and support the adaptation to the architecture of the building. The longevity of the product is guaranteed by consistently dispensing with plasticizers, implemented by an integrated separating layer. The maintenance interval of 2 years also enables cost optimisation during operation with the greatest possible safety.

Double security on the roof: lightning current carrying capacity


The lightning current carrying capacity of the BARRIER guardrail system, which has been certified by the OÖ Blitzschutzgesellschaft, ensures additional safety. The system can be integrated as a natural safety device in the lightning protection planning of every building. By combining the two systems, the user benefit can be increased and the costs significantly reduced.



What our customers say about BARRIER: "the best guardrail system on the market"

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