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A self supporting post

for gravelled and green roofs.

QUAD-30 was specially developed for use on green and gravel flat roofs and can be used as a perforation-free single anchor point or post in the INNOTECH rail system.

The advantages of this product are the roof perforation-free assembly, the absence of interventions in the building physics and the associated longevity of the system. With the product development of QUAD-30, INNOTECH combines safety and sustainability and offers a visually unobtrusive solution for fall protection on environmentally friendly green roofs.



The advantages of QUAD-30 at a glance

  • Single anchor point or end-/corner or intermediate post in the INNOTECH rail system (TAURUS) for green and gravel roofs - universally applicable product.

  • Self supporting through substrate or gravel - no roof perforation required.

  • Quick and easy installation independent of the roof construction - no formation of cold bridges, roof skin and insulation are not injured.

  • Certification to the latest state of the art - highest product safety guaranteed.
    EN 795:2012 TYP D and E

INNOTECH combines safety and sustainability


The trend towards greening roofs and facades has been spreading consistently in European cities for years.The roof and facade greening has a variety of positive effects on the environment and quality of life in heavily built-up areas. Green roofs combine many advantages and play an important role in contemporary city architecture. They help improve the quality of life in cities by reducing air pollution and creating green living spaces for people, bees and birds. Through the product development of the self supporting system post QUAD-30, INNOTECH has succeeded in making trendy green roofs safer. A simple but reliable fall protection system was created, which is the perfect companion when working on green roofs.


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