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Safety at work
down to the finest detail

Protection for employee and for employer


Safety at work
down to the finest detail

Protection for employee and for employer


Even fall heights between

one and two metres are dangerous.
Falls from a height less than three metres often result in deaths

In terms of safety at work, protection of the employees and employer must be guaranteed equally. This drastically minimises health problems and operational risks, and avoids additional cost burdens for the company. Taking preventive action guarantees safety at work.


! Caution - risk of fall !

Anyone who has to protect his employees against a possible fall must clearly recognise the potential risk. A potential risk of fall exists for:

  • Working locations and standing areas at a fall height greater than two metres
  • Cavities and openings in the floor or ground
  • Openings in ceilings (installation openings, skylights)
  • Wall openings, stair landings and stairways
  • Standing areas for maintenance and operation of machines where the fall height is greater than one metre
  • On traffic routes 

Not every solution solves every problem, because protection is more than merely protecting. Individual solutions within a holistic concept of safety at work are required. With the products from INNOTECH you can guarantee optimum safety for your company and for your employees.

Protection for machinery

Whether single anchor points, lifeline or rail systems, INNOTECH provides individualised solutions for your machine.

Protection for cranes/crane runways

Developed in collaboration with well-known crane manufacturers, many companies already rely on rail systems from INNOTECH for the protection of cranes/crane runways.

Protection for ascents

Use rail and lifeline systems to protect ascents.

Prevention is better than cure, when it comes to safety at work

Avoid liability - protect employees


Every single company has the obligation to guarantee safety during work. That is how to exclude liability cases. The employer has to formulate the regulations clearly, consistently check compliance, and take active action in the event of breaches. The employer is liable in the event of an accident. The result can be compensation for damages.


Potential risks arise

  • On ladders
  • On and at machines
  • Whenever maintenance and repair take place
  • On and within wall openings...

Create added value for customers


Machinery suppliers can provide their customers with added value by delivering their products already equipped with high quality fall protection from INNOTECH. For the customer, this means a cost saving and the working safety of his employees’ from the outset.

Machinery suppliers who prioritise high standards when building their machines should also apply these standards to the safety of the machines. Safety systems create lower costs when they are taken into consideration precisely at the time of installation. This means that the expensive temporary protection systems which create high personnel costs for installation, rental charges, and repeating annual costs, etc. are not required.

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