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1991: 3501-PF

Guardrail system


Guardrail system installed on parapet

The BARRIER PARAPET guardrail system is suitable only for combination with an existing parapet construction. Once the system has been attached to the parapet construction, it provides optimum fall protection for all persons located on the roof. There are many attachment options for the guardrail system, and so an optimum solution can be found for every situation. The BARRIER PARAPET’s various feet ensure an optimum visual result. For example, one of the feet also allows the system to be folded down completely, and then folded back up.

Optimum result thanks to various installation options on the parapet (at the side and on top).

No additional load on the structure of the flat roof, thanks to direct installation on the parapet.

Visually matching overall appearance thanks to various models (also foldable if required).

Efficient installation and few roof penetrations, thanks to post separations of 2,5 m.

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BARRIER-ATTIKA - Technical data

The guardrail system consisting of aluminium and stainless steel impresses because of its weather resistance and

robustness. The guardrail, together with the various individual components, such as the specially developed foot units

and posts, combine to create a harmonised system. Because installation takes place directly on the parapet, the roof is

not subjected to an additional load.


Optimum result

There are various options for installing the guardrail system, such as installation

on the side or top of the parapet. It is thus possible to achieve an optimum visual

result appropriate to the actual circumstances.


Reduction of installation effort

From a financial aspect, the wide post separations of 2,5 m have a positive effect

on the overall installation process.


Secured access

By fitting the optional BARRIER-T30 door set, optimally secured access and

descent to or from the flat roof are made possible.

State of the art certification:

EN 13374:2019

DIN EN 14122-3:2016

DIN 14094-2:2017


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Items in this system

3 components available for BARRIER-ATTIKA



                                          Rating plate BARRIER-Z11 for guardrail system

                                          The BARRIER guardrail system from INNOTECH provides many

                                          different application options in collective

                                          side protection.


                                          Adapter BARRIER-A22

                                          Adapter for attachment to the top of the parapet.


                                          Toe board BARRIER-F20

                                          Toe board for guardrail system.


                                          Toe board bracket BARRIER-F21

                                          Toe board bracket for fastening the toe board to

                                          the post.


                                          Toe board connection set BARRIER-F23

                                          Toe board connection set.


                                          Standard post, parapet, BARRIER-S21-1050

                                          Standard post, parapet, straight, permanent.


                                          Door set BARRIER-T30

                                          Door set.


                                          Aluminium pipe BARRIER-R11

                                          Aluminium pipe.


                                          Linear tie BARRIER-R21

                                          Linear tie.


                                          Corner tie BARRIER-R31

                                          Corner tie.


                                          Wall tie BARRIER-R41

                                          Wall tie.


                                          End seal BARRIER-R51

                                          End seal.


                                          Pipe bracket BARRIER-R70

                                          Pipe bracket.


                                          End cap BARRIER-R91

                                          End cap for aluminium pipe.

                                          Accessory items


                                          Adapter BARRIER-A10

                                          Adapter on the side of the parapet.


                                          Adapter BARRIER-A11

                                          Adapter on the inside of the parapet, hinged.


                                          Spacer bracket BARRIER-A31

                                          Spacer bracket for parapet guardrail system.