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2001: 3503-PF

Guardrail system


Guardrail system around skylights/strip lights

The BARRIER SKYLIGHT guardrail system is used wherever skylights must be protected on roofs of up to 10° inclination. Regardless of the size of the skylight, the superimposed load system provides optimum fall protection, and thereby neutralises the source of danger which results from a skylight. If various skylights are present on a roof, then the guardrail system can be adapted individually to the actual size of each skylight. In this regard, several installation variants are available. The guardrail system places no restrictions on the functionality of the existing skylight and also ensures optimum light penetration into the space below.

  • Variable system which is simple to retrofit, thanks to the various installation variants.
  • Optimum safety without technical modification of the skylight (no impairment of smoke extraction capability).
  • Simple, space-saving installation, thanks to the intelligent adapter directly on the concrete weight.
  • Secured access from the skylight to the flat roof, if an optional door set is installed.
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BARRIER-SKYLIGHT - Technical data

The guardrail system consisting of aluminium and stainless steel impresses because of its weather resistance and robustness.
The guardrail, together with the various individual components, such as the specially developed foot
units, posts, booms, and concrete weights, combine to create a harmonised system.
There are no restrictions in terms of the size of the existing skylight.


Adjustable to individual requirements
Skylights of different sizes are often found on a roof. The guardrail system can be individually adapted to various sizes. Thanks to a special adapter, which enables installation without booms, space can be saved when securing skylights with a maximum size of 1,9 x 1,9 m.

Maintenance of skylight technology
The system is designed in such a way that the technical functioning of the skylight, such as smoke extraction capability, is not restricted. In addition, thanks to our system, the natural light penetration through the skylight is maintained.

Secured access
Fitting the optional BARRIER-T30 door set makes possible optimally secured access from the skylight to the flat roof (or vice-versa).

State of the art certification:

EN 13374:2019

EN ISO 14122-3:2016

DIN 14094-2:2017


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Items in this system

0 components available for BARRIER-SKYLIGHT



Rating plate BARRIER-Z11 for guardrail system

The BARRIER guardrail system from INNOTECH provides many different application options in collective side protection.


Vario weight BARRIER-V20

Vario weight.


Standard boom BARRIER-S22-1300

Standard boom.


Vario foot unit BARRIER-V12

Vario foot unit for guardrail system.



Vario foot unit BARRIER-V14

Vario foot unit for guardrail system.


Vario adapter BARRIER-V82



Standard post BARRIER-S20-1140

Standard post VARIO, straight, permanent


Door set BARRIER-T30

Door set.


Aluminium pipe BARRIER-R11

Aluminium pipe.


Linear tie BARRIER-R21

Linear tie.


Corner tie BARRIER-R31

Corner tie.


Stiffening strut BARRIER-S23-560

Stiffening strut.


Pipe bracket BARRIER-R70

Pipe bracket.