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2126: 3529-PF

Safety harness for various applications



Intuitive use, optimum comfort, top quality: Just some of the characteristics of our anti-fall harness systems. The PPE STRING harness system is available in Basic, Comfort, and Pro models. All harnesses allow optimum freedom of movement and guarantee that the user is caught safely in the event of a fall. The woven polyester impregnated with PTFE means that the harness straps are repellent to water, oil, and dirt. Thermo-transfer fixing makes the harness straps less sensitive to the memory effect from kinking than harness straps made from polyamide, for example. The large adjustment range of the harness straps allows sizes between S and XL to be covered by a single universal harness size. Projecting harness strap is held in place by a VELCRO excess strap attachment.

  • 3 harness models: Basic, Comfort, Pro.
  • Simple to use.
  • 1 universal size for S to XL.
  • Low weight.
  • Anchor points with one fall-arrest eyelet on the front side and one on the rear side.
  • Automatic insertion buckles on the leg locks.
  • Comfort and Pro harnesses: Equipped with the Life Safety System (LiSA).
  • Comfort and Pro harnesses: High-quality shoulder padding.
  • Pro harnesses: integrated FALLSLIP system.
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PPE STRING - Technical data

State of the art certification:

EN 361

EN 358

EN 813

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0 components available for PPE STRING



2-point full body harness STRING-1-BASIC

By combining the sternal with the dorsal attachment point, it is suitable for all applications where fall protection is required.


2-point full body harness STRING-1-COMFORT

By combining the sternal with the dorsal attachment point, it is suitable for all applications where fall protection is required.


Harness for rope access STRING-1-PRO

The harness for rope access STRING-1-PRO has been designed for hanging in a rope for long periods.


PSA-SET for universal usage

PSA-SET consisting of: 1x PSA-STRING-1-BASIC, 1x PSA-BRAKE-005, 1x PSA-KARI-1


PSA-SET for work on pitched roofs

PSA-SET consisting of: 1x each PSA-STRING-1-COMFORT, PSA- STRING-2, PSA-BRAKE-010, PSA-TAPE-80, PSA-KARI-1, and 2x KA- TL-10-362-A2.


Personal protective equipment for workers at height

The PSA-STRING-WORKAIR is used wherever activities have to be performed in a fall-risk area, and it is not practical to provide protection by means of a safety harness. This is especially the case when comparatively modest fall heights (1 to 3 ...