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BARRIER guardrail system

Optimum protection with the changeable guardrail system

The robust BARRIER guardrail system is classed as collective protection, and forms a barrier between the people located in the fall risk area and the fall edges present.


Everyone in the protected area can therefore move about in safety, without needing personal protective equipment or additional anchorage devices. Depending on the application, different assembly variants, from permanent installation to superimposed load, are available to cover the most varied types of installation. Because of its wide range of variants, the BARRIER guardrail system can be applied either from the very start or also as a retrofit later. If desired, the system’s colour can be adapted by means of a custom coating.

  • Reduced installation effort, thanks to the large post separations
  • Optimum adaptability to the structure of the building
  • Visual integrity thanks to the post’s tilting options
  • Robust guardrail made of weather-resistant aluminium

System variants for guardrail protection


Guardrail system with weights as superimposed load

The BARRIER-VARIO guardrail system is used wherever the fall edges of a flat roof up to a maximum pitch of 10° must be protected. The guardrail held in place by superimposed concrete weights creates a barrier around the fall-risk area, and thus ...


Guardrail system installed on parapet

The BARRIER PARAPET guardrail system is suitable only for combination with an existing parapet construction. Once the system has been attached to the parapet construction, it provides optimum fall protection for all persons located on the roof. ...


Guardrail system with green roof as superimposed load

The BARRIER FLEECE guardrail system is used wherever the fall edges of flat roofs up to 10° inclination must be protected. It creates a barrier to the fall edge, and so all persons located on the roof can move about in safety. This system is ...


Guardrail system around skylights/strip lights

The BARRIER SKYLIGHT guardrail system is used wherever skylights must be protected on roofs of up to 10° inclination. Regardless of the size of the skylight, the superimposed load system provides optimum fall protection, and thereby neutralises ...


Guardrail system for escape routes

The BARRIER ESCAPE ROUTE guardrail system is used wherever a prescribed route out of the danger zone has to be created so that persons can leave it safely. Regardless whether it is a case of straight runs, or whether corner layouts must be ...


Guardrail system for machinery

The BARRIER MACHINE SAFEGUARDING guardrail system is used wherever fall edges on machinery or in an industrial environment have to be secured. The guardrail system is so flexible that it is possible to individually solve the various requirements ...


Guardrail system for ladder exits

The BARRIER ASCENT LADDER guardrail system is used wherever it is necessary to secure the exit area of an ascent ladder, where a fall edge is present after exiting onto the roof surface. Depending on the substructure (parapet) present and ...


Enclosure of danger areas

BARRIER LIMIT is used wherever a visually recognisable barrier must be provided for a danger area. The system is particularly suitable for drawing attention to danger sources in locations at height. The barrier is quick to install and is ready ...

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BARRIER – the guardrail system without roof penetration: Side protection system for securing persons at fall edges

The BARRIER guardrail system is a collective protection system with great flexibility, designed to secure edges, and consisting of various elements and system variants which are customisable to your specific requirements and use case.


Safety systems are available which can either be installed permanently on the roof or used in combination with concrete weights, and without roof penetration. Aside from securing fall edges, the BARRIER escape route option can also be used to designate a specific route that offers individuals a safe way to exit the danger area.

The benefits

  • Side protection guardrail made of weather-proof aluminium
  • Large selection of colours, allowing for visual harmonisation with the building
  • Pitch adjustable to 90 and 75 degrees
  • Compensation of roof height differences up to 12.5 cm
BARRIER VARIO - ÖAMTC Headquarters Vienna
BARRIER VARIO - ÖAMTC Headquarters Vienna

Certification to the latest state of the art

EN 13374:2019

DIN EN 14122-3:2016

DIN 14094-2:2017

Installation without roof penetration

The installation of the BARRIER guardrail system requires neither roof penetration nor subsequent flaming or adhesive tasks. What is more, installation will not create cold bridges that could have a negative impact on the building’s energy efficiency.

Surface anodisation

Surface anodisation makes it possible to harmonise the BARRIER side protection system visually with the look of the building.

Integrated release layer

Our foot units come with an integrated release layer that contains no plasticisers. Thanks to this integrated release layer, the installation of the foot units creates no negative effect on PVC sheets roof, FPO and EPDM sheets, or bitumen roofs.

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